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  1. Help further my golf habit by purchasing this so I can buy more!!!! The shaft is brand new, ordered built from fairway jockey and delivered a few weeks ago. The driver plays at 44.5" and it is tipped 3/4". Great feeling shaft. I would consider trades of a 5W with aftermarket shaft. Sim2 or Callaway. Cobra Radspeed at 9 degrees $200 Fujikura Speeder NX 60X $350 Complete club $520 shipped CONUS
  2. Truthfully I do not know. I would say 44.75"-45" if the average added length from the head is 1.25-1.50. Someone can correct me here as well.
  3. Shaft has normal in/out of the bag wear. Tipped 1/2" 43.5" to the end of the adaptor. Shaft $220 $180 pin 12/14
  4. Thanks for the offer but the bag has been rounded out and this is the last to go. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Sim 2 Ti 3 wood, purchased in the summer with the Velocore 7X Black. Too close in distance to the driver but a great club. Condition is fair and its a rocket! $350 CONUS Shaft only - $150 SOLD Head Only - $200 pin 12/6
  6. I can only assume. It’s how I purchased it from the local shop. -Jeff
  7. Cobra CB/MD King Forged 4-P. with $ taper 130. Played a few seasons with them and its time to upgrade. Obvious wear from playing but they still feel great! P-7 are 2 upright 6-4 are 1 upright, standard length and loft I believe with CP2 Pro Midsize. Trade in is $300ish but if someone wants to game these I think you would be happy. SOLD Sim 2 Ti 3 wood, purchased in the summer with the Velocore 7X Black. Too close in distance to the driver but a great club. $400 shipped CONUS Evnroll ER2 in black - 34" at address comes with ER headcover. Solid putter, used for the summer SOLD shipped CONUS Ventus Blue Velocore 10X tipped 1/2" with TM adaptor. Had this setup on a hybrid and its solid. Made swing changes that have taken me out of that range. SOLD pin 11/29
  8. The 2 iron and I have decided to go separate ways, the hybrid is working. A beast when its struck well! I want to say this is .5" short and tipped .5". Do not have a tape to show but i'm fairly sure. In decent condition. $100 Head only $275 head and shaft shipped CONUS
  9. Gamed it for just a season, in solid shape and ready to go. Should play 45.5" in the driver. Would have to take it and check to be 100% No tipping that I remember. CP2 Pro Mid grip. Asking $140 shipped CONUS
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