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  1. Both great shafts. Tensei CK Pro Orange 70TX Pured ($500+ retail). No tipping to speak of, has a Cobra Tip - $150 Aldila NV Green 75X Stock upgraded shaft from Taylormade. Has a TM tip - $50 Or take them both for $175 shipped!!!
  2. No trades please. Offers are welcome. All items will ship via UPS within two business day after receipt of PayPal funds. Ordered the driver shaft from a fitter here in Utah. I believe there was zero tipping. Tensei CK Pro 70 TX( SST PURE) with Cobra F9 sleeve. Playing length should be 44.50" Shaft for $250. $200 pin 9/5
  3. I picked this up brand new a few weeks ago while I was deciding on what to throw in my bag for the season. I went with a mallet so this has to go. I taped up the bottom and around the edges when I pulled it out of the box so it is literally in new condition. Just uses on indoor practice greens. This is the 34" model with a jumbo grip. No trades at this time. Tiffany blue/grey HC included. Asking $360 shipped. $340 shipped Thanks, Jeff
  4. Here is the response from Cobra. Thanks for choosing Cobra! Those shafts are custom made for Cobra but rest assured that they are the "real deal" tour spec shafts straight from Fujikura. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I have talked to fujikura and these shafts are real deal Thank you for the confirmation!
  6. Not sure of the best way to confirm that. I can reach out to the manufacturer if necessary. Thanks, Jeff I read that the drivers do have aftermarket Atmos Black shafts, not sure about the FW and HY... All I could find is this article: https://thegolfnewsn...eedback-111300/ " There are four aftermarket stock shaft offerings: Low launch and low spin: Fujikura Atmos Black TS 7 (S, X). Mid launch and low spin: Project X Hzrdus Smoke 60 (S, X) Mid launch and mid spin: Fujikura Atmos Blue TS 6 (R, S, X) High launch and mid spin: UST Helium 50 (R, L) Cobra is also offering a Tour Length s
  7. Not sure of the best way to confirm that. I can reach out to the manufacturer if necessary. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I picked up the Speedback and the Speedback Tour model to figure out what I was going to Game. The tour is going in the bag so the other is up for grabs. This has only been played off mats as it it frozen here in Utah. Club is in great shape and is only a few weeks old. I pulled the Atmos and it has never been played. No tipping to speak of and it plays at 42.50" Asking $160 for the Head $100 for the shaft $225 for the combo Thanks ,Jeff
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