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  1. The search is off! Thanks to Stuart_G.......you da man
  2. Thanks for the info Stuart_G! Really appreciate the help and insight. I'll check ebay. I'm trying to get one here buy Friday.
  3. Hey gang - Have a tour issue Rescue 11 head I’m looking at reshafting. Hosel size on the head is .355 but I simply cannot locate a sleeve/adapter! i thought I could just purchase a .370 adapter so long as shaft tip size would also be .370. According to TMAG chat, the adapter itself must be .355? Need some help! Which adapter/sleeve will work for my Rescue 11 head? If anyone has a spare .355 adapter, I'm willing to purchase it!
  4. Oh man.....they remind me of the original RAC LT’s from address. And DG 105 as stock? Sign this gringo up and take my money!!!
  5. Guaranteed they taped over old tape. I know because I did this very thing myself. Always best to remove all old tape and start fresh.
  6. 983K, 905R, R510 TP......and I’m going to venture out and include the SLDR
  7. Rescue Mid TP’s and now Rescue 11’s.....to this day I would pay full retail if anyone had brand new ones. Also have a habit of searching the bay for RAC LT’s and RAC CB’s....same purchase price principle applies on those
  8. Geez....I’ve been out of the loop! Step away from here for 10 years...get married, have kids, get divorced, and come back and eBay now has coupons on golf items? Clue me in please!
  9. Pull that trigger! BEST set of irons you could ask for! I was lucky to pickup a brand new set towards end of last year for less than $350 (can you tell I’m still bragging?) Clean, classic, great flight, impeccable feel.
  10. Mizuno MP-57’s seem to fit your bill perfectly
  11. Same here - I’ve been on an Adidas Puremotion shirt binge past week. They fit my shape perfectly. Just ordered my 9th shirt and still haven’t breached the $100 mark yet. All have been in mint shape and a few were new, without tags.
  12. I was a Taylormade iron fanboy for years. Multiple sets of RAC LT’s and RAC CB’s. That all changed a few months back when I picked up a new, old stock set of MP-57’s. NEVER playing anything else but Mizuno in my irons now. The feel and quality is perfect! Check out some MP18 MMC’s?
  13. Forgot to add.....the original Taylormade RAC LT’s.....just picked up another set and plan on keep buying to stockpile ?
  14. Anyone know what shaft or specs he’s playing in driver?
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