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  1. Sounds like I need to try to pull off Bay Harbor! I'd like to keep Arcadia South, but the only tee they have is the one I booked at 10:12 on Tuesday. It's not ideal and makes it tough to get somewhere else to play another 18. Bay Harbor has a 3:30 but I wouldn't make that. Strangely there was not even an opportunity to play 9 later than that. I wonder if I can call and make that work. Seems like the only plan is to add it on Friday but it'll be tight! 9:10 tee, then drive to Traverse City to depart for a 4:45 flight. Any idea how long a round takes at Links/Quarry? I've gotta get outta there by 2PM to make the flight I would think.
  2. @AzSuperHack76 Staying at Arcadia the first night, then Forest Dunes for two nights, and trying to figure out lodging for Thursday. Need to figure out that last day of golf and then work on lodging. @BG5 Thanks for taking the time to provide suggestions! You have correctly judged me, a golf obsessive I am. Your recent excursions are epic! DM me if you'll be around the week of the 13th and want to play. The challenge for me is that I only have this specific week in mid-September to take this trip and tee times and lodging are pretty scarce. I lucked into the only tee time on that Monday that would work for the Bluffs course, and they really only had two other tee times available all week. Forest Dunes was less packed on tee times but I grabbed the last room for the two nights I am there. So it's been a lot of rearranging and calling and playing with ideas. And I've found that the service isn't quite the same as the Bandon Dunes experience(where they'll sit on the phone with you for 2 hours and explain every possible scenario). I like the idea of Bay Harbor, I'll have to see if I can find a time that works. Then maybe I can fly out of Traverse City. But is it worth the significant premium surcharge over something like Pilgrim's Run?
  3. I live in Beaverton and on a weekday you can get to just about any of our great public options inside of 30 mins - Pumpkin Ridge is by far the best public course in the area in my opinion. Both sides of the Reserve are good options (the South is the better side). I would also second Stone Creek and Quail. Forest Hills is not up to that quality but is a pretty fun course with some interesting holes. The RedTail slander is most applicable on the weekends(seriously, don't bother on a Saturday), but I actually enjoy the course on weekdays. It is long and can be tough, but it was in great shape when I played last month. Across the city but still probably only 35 mins from Beaverton are the two courses at Heron Lakes. I enjoy both, but the Great Blue is an awesome course - linksy, with varied holes, and a tough test the last five holes coming in.
  4. Hi Friends, Got clearance for a 5 day trip and decided to return to my birth state - Michigan. I've got a pretty packed itinerary so far but still want to add one more round. Here's what I have so far - Monday - The Dunes Club (AM) + Arcadia Bluffs (late afternoon) Tuesday - Arcadia South (AM) + drive to Forest Dunes and Play Bootlegger Short Course Wednesday - The Loop(AM) + Forest Dunes (PM) Thursday - Forest Dunes (AM) + The Loop (PM) Friday - Open to suggestions A couple questions for you fine folks - is FD worth playing twice? I've considered just moving my Loop tee up to the morning and driving somewhere else on Thursday afternoon. I will be flying out late on Friday(from Grand Rapids) but thinking about adding a morning round(if my body isn't completely destroyed). What would you suggest? I've scoured a bunch of threads and it seems like Pilgrims Run, Tullymore, and Stoatin Brae are good contenders to try to add. How would you rank those three? Anything I am missing? Would obviously love Kingsley but another thread said it's now difficult for guests to play there. Any help or guidance is much appreciated!
  5. I enjoyed TPC when I was there two years ago, but it didn't feel like a $200 round course.
  6. From my solo Bandon trip in mid-Feb. Played in damn near a hurricane the first day on Sheep Ranch and then it was good weather the rest of the way. An awesome trips as always!
  7. I would say if you want to come out West that Central Oregon is super underrated. You can grab an Airbnb or stay at one of the resorts in town or a bit south in Sunriver and have plenty of great golf for a week. Sunriver has 3 courses plus a short course - Meadows, Woodlands and the incredible Crosswater. You also have Pronghorn - the public Nicklaus course and the private Fazio (that is semi easy to get on) David McLay Kidd's Tetherow is also a must play Then there are just a ton of good value courses - Aspen Lakes, Lost Tracks, Widgi Creek, Juniper and Quail Run. Just a bit north of Bend you can also hit Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest, and to the East Brasada Ranch is worthwhile. Add in great food, a bunch of breweries, a river that you can float down, and miles and miles of bike paths and hiking trails and you've got a pretty damn good week. Writing this all out makes me want to schedule a trip myself!
  8. Hi @Hateto3Putt, what is the rechargeable hand warmer that you use? I bought one from Coopa a couple of months ago, but it doesn't last nearly the 8-15 they promise. It's awesome for about 3 hours, but for Bandon I'll definitely need something longer lasting. Thanks!
  9. incredible photos @poppyhillsguy Can't wait to be back in 25 days!
  10. You can get on Diamante if you sit through the real estate presentation. It's not actually that bad and nowhere near as aggressive as some of the time share presentations I have been to. And access to Dunes makes it all the more worthwhile. I also loved Puerto Los Cabos. The food, drinks and service at the comfort stations was incredible and actually better than at Dunes. Look into the multi round deals that have with Cabo Real and Campestre, too.
  11. Thanks everybody for the tips and insight. I've had a slight change of plans and will probably only be there for 5 or 6 days now, so will likely cut out the NJ options. Will for sure play Bethpage Black and Red during the week and I'll look into some of the others you guys have mentioned. I figure even if I only end up hitting those two it will have made the trip. I'll make sure to do a quick recap when I return! Thanks also for the food tips!
  12. Appreciate all the help! For the NJ tracks - I think I'll try to hit Ballyowen and Neshanic as they aren't too far apart and I can play those the first two days before heading into Manhattan. Then it looks like Bethpage Black and Red and Ferry Point. Might try to squeeze one more round somewhere if i can. Montauk Downs looks good. Are any of the other Bethpage courses worth a round?
  13. Since I am flying into New Jersey and have at least a day or two before I have to be anywhere, I think I'll start the trip at Ballyowen. Then head to New York and definitely hit Bethpage Black and Red. If i had two more rounds and could get just about anywhere inside of 3 hours or so from Manhattan, what would be my best bets? Not sure the next time I am in New York so want to maximize the trip. Ferry Point is an option. Any others? I'm interested in food suggestions if you've got some too!
  14. Thanks for the help! I'll be staying in Manhattan for most of the trip but am super mobile as the wife is there for work and I am there for golf and food. I think I'll do both Bethpage Black and Red, and Pound Ridge for sure. Sounds like I should remove Vanny, appreciate the heads up. Maybe I'll start with Ballyowen since I am flying into EWR and could stay in Jersey for the first night or two.
  15. Does anyone have any good recommendations for the NY/NJ area? Looking to play 4 or 5 rounds and interested in both great value/underrated tracks and also anything I must play. Right now I am thinking: Bethpage Black Pound Ridge Vannys maybe Sagamore? Thanks!
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