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  1. I got mine last night and the dry swing speed definitely seems off. It’s showing a 74 MPH 8 iron and 87 mph driver. My normal carry with 8 iron is 155 and driver is 245-255. I am also swinging in a courtyard with high stone walls. It seems to be 10-12 mph off for me. I’ll try to get to an actual range this weekend to test there.
  2. Ping always lists trimmed weight for the shafts in their website. They have done this for years and always show lower weights than shaft manufacturers.
  3. I love my u85 2 iron. I bent it 2 degrees weak for gapping and it’s a great addition to my bag.
  4. I went with a full set of 585s. I regret not going with a combo set. I love the irons but spin gets a little lower than I would like in the short irons. Launch gives it enough stopping power for most but I live in the desert and often play in pretty high wind. I would prefer the lower launch/higher spin of the 785s in short irons.
  5. 1. City and State? El Paso TX 2. Handicap? 8 currently 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? Zx7 or combo if possible 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Absolutely 4. Current Iron setup? Z585 4-pw u85 2 iron 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? The only negative I have with my current set up is a lack of spin in the short irons. In hard ground conditions in the southwest, stopping power is at a premium. I will occasionally get a low spinner due to my swing fault (a little flippy). The new grooves in t
  6. Hit them with full swings and see what the yardage is. Choose the one that’s gets you the full swing yardage that you want/need. I play a 54 because that is dead nuts perfect for a smooth 100 yard shot for me. You might want to pick the one that you know you will hit more on your normal course like if you know you have a really short par 3 or you know you are left with a certain yardage on a layup hole. Not enough people set their bag for the course they play the most. Or just bend to 55 degrees and live in the middle. I go 49, 54, 59 with my wedges.
  7. I play 585s 4-pw but I have a 46* Callaway MD4 bent to 48* that I use as a gap wedge. My go too chipping club from just off the green was always PW in Mizuno and Hogan sets of my past. The stronger lofts of the 585s warrant a stronger GW which is closer to the PW lofts I grew up with. I love this set up.
  8. I posted this in the tech forum but my 75S Nemesys came in couple weeks ago. I was playing a Diamana 70S LTD in my G410 plus before with a 14 gram weight at 45 inches. I’m now playing the Nemesys in the same head with a 10 gram weight in the toe and a 8 gram weight in the heel at 45.5. Even with the heavier total weights, the Nemesys feels a little lighter in SW than with the Diamana. It’s a much more active shaft. I can feel it load and unload during my swing more than the Diamana. It still feels really stable and in control. I don’t have access to a launch monitor so I can’t give numbers but
  9. So I changed my order to a 75S and got it in a few weeks ago. I put it in my G410 Plus head. It’s a little more active than the Diamana 70s D+ LTD I had in it before but in a good way. I can feel a little more kick at the bottom but still very stable. I don’t have access to a launch monitor so everything is based on range and course testing. It is a fairway finding machine. It’s definitely higher launch than the Diamana but it looks to be a little lower spin. The ball seems to stay in the air better. I dropped the loft to compensate for the higher launch and I love the window it flies in. It’s
  10. Following on Instagram. I’m a sucker for a top alignment line. These look very interesting.
  11. So I guess you guys bought them all up. The order I placed for a 65S is backordered until around March 1st. Anyone get one in?
  12. I just ordered one for my g410. I’ll report back my results.
  13. City, Sate? El Paso TXHandicap? 6.9Current driver and shaft? G410 Diamana D+ LTD 70SWhat would you improve with your current setup? I’ve always liked a softer butt shaft with a stiffer tip but would love to feel a shaft with that profile that also felt really stable and minimized twisting. Why are you excited to try the new Motore X? Same reason as above. I had a Motore in an old TM TP driver and loved the feel. What Motore X shaft do you want to test? F1 60S. If it’s as stable as you say I would like to drop a little weight. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting re
  14. I play Srixon z585s with a 44* PW. For a gap wedge I took a Callaway MD4 46* and bent it to 48*, 54 and 58 vokey wedges fill out the rest.
  15. Has anyone else tried these? I’m looking at going to an oversized grip and these are some of the few that have a low enough weight to keep my current swing weight.
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