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  1. 1. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? I struggle with de-lofting the putter at impact making speed a challenge. I think the RST might really help me set up square and not drag the handle through impact. 2. What is your handicap?6.4 3. Location?Santa Teresa, NM 4. What style of putter do you tend to prefer? Anything that’s easy to line up, mostly mallet lately but I grew up playing only blade putters 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your putting? I feel good with line but my speed is awful. It makes longer putts a challenge. I feel ok inside 10 feet.
  2. I went with light regular steel shafts for my son when he was 12. We found a set of AP1s 16’s for $400 with KBS 90 shafts. He played them for 2 years and just stepped up to stiff shafts. They were a great gap iron and he was fine with choking up for a year or so. He’s now hitting z585s with modus 105S so still somewhat soft even in a stiff. For wedges and woods, he played stuff that I had sitting around like a 2016 M2 and I ordered a senior 45 gram white tie and some Vokeys that I cut an inch off of.
  3. 1. El Paso, TX 2. 6.6 3. VA Nemesys 75 S 4. PX LZ 6.0 5. B+ 65S 6. Yes 7. Absolutely
  4. MP20 HMB will be the most forgiving on paper. They are a little thicker than the rest and aren’t an actual MB blade. They are hollow.
  5. I’ve tried to kick out my L neck spider tour for a year. I keep telling myself that I don’t like it but I can’t seem to find anything else that works for me as well. I had some issues with some speed but added some weight and it’s perfect now. I’ve had a ping Tyne, Bettinardi BB8W, Toulon Portland (which was close), and a couple older odyssey putters. The spider just works.
  6. I really don’t think that other site is a favorite of Callaway especially after their ball testing a few years ago. I like the 2 ball face I just can’t get used to the TT alignment. I’m sure it works and it makes perfect sense if you use the TT ball to line up. I’ve never lined up the ball. I prefer to feel the line and adjust speed to compensate for the line I see.
  7. 1. City, State? El Paso, TX 2. Handicap? 6 3. Current putter? TM Spider Tour L Neck 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? Studio Stock 28, 35”, Jumbo Grip 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely.
  8. I really think bounce and sole width was the biggest difference for me. Mizunos have much less bounce than Srixons. I play in the southwest in very firm conditions most of the time. The only club in my bag with much bounce is a Vokey 54 F grind and that’s just to have something out of fluffy bunkers and rough. It’s also great for a low hands forward Chad Campbell style knockdown. Everything else in my bag is under 8 degrees of bounce.
  9. I play 4-P MP20 MMC and a 3 iron HMB. Just got them this week so the jury is still out on the HMB. It’s not quite as high launching as the U85 I had before but I think it will be easier off less than ideal lies. I struggled with the sole width of the Srixon.
  10. Sweeper here. I have played Mizuno irons for most of my life. Got to where I didn’t play much for 5 years and when I got back into it I didn’t think I was good enough to keep playing the MP59 that I had been using. Bought some Srixon 585s. The sole definitely didn’t work for me. I tried to hit them for the last couple years. It even made me adjust me swing to become steeper in order to just make center contact. Everything was on the toe it felt like. I’ve been hitting balls about 4 times a week for the last few months and just couldn’t get any groove going. Just got a set of MP20 MMCs 3 days a
  11. I actually play a 7 wood and a u85 4 iron. It has been a great combo for me. I can choke down the 7w for long par 3s that I need to hold greens on and I still have the 4 utility for safe tee shots. The 7w is 21 degrees lifted down to almost 20 and the u85 is 23 degrees, with of course a longer shaft in the 7 wood. Gapping is about 10-20 yards depending on how I hit the 7 wood (choke up cut/normal draw).
  12. I have one with a Diamana S+ limited. It’s my favorite fairway wood I have ever played. It’s stupid easy to launch and very forgiving. I don’t like it as much off the tee but if I’m not hitting driver, I’m usually hitting my u85 2 iron so no real loss there.
  13. So as in update, I got much more accurate numbers when actually hitting a ball. The ball speed, swing speed and carry distance all seems pretty accurate hitting balls at the range.
  14. As far as the PRGR, I’ve found that my swing speed without hitting a ball to be pretty low compared to my swing speed when actually hitting a ball. In my back yard it will read 74 mph 8 iron speed and 82-84 when hitting a ball in the range. I do think the info it gives you at the range to be fairly accurate with range balls based on seeing actual carry distances.
  15. I got mine last night and the dry swing speed definitely seems off. It’s showing a 74 MPH 8 iron and 87 mph driver. My normal carry with 8 iron is 155 and driver is 245-255. I am also swinging in a courtyard with high stone walls. It seems to be 10-12 mph off for me. I’ll try to get to an actual range this weekend to test there.
  16. Ping always lists trimmed weight for the shafts in their website. They have done this for years and always show lower weights than shaft manufacturers.
  17. I love my u85 2 iron. I bent it 2 degrees weak for gapping and it’s a great addition to my bag.
  18. I went with a full set of 585s. I regret not going with a combo set. I love the irons but spin gets a little lower than I would like in the short irons. Launch gives it enough stopping power for most but I live in the desert and often play in pretty high wind. I would prefer the lower launch/higher spin of the 785s in short irons.
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