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  1. Biggest change ive ever seen in my golf game due to equipment was from an iron/wedge fitting. I was playing the wrong shafts ( I went lighter after an injury) and it was not a good fit. After finding the right shafts/swingweight combo my iron play has been more consistent than ever.
  2. I tried the DHY and a few similar models. Here are my opinions after an hour or so of testing. 1. I'd much rather have the GAPR lo than either the SIM UDI or DHY. in my opinion they took a step backwards in every category except looks 2. For whatever bizarre reason with all of these large profile DI's - I find the smaller head more forgiving, better feeling, and consistent. 3. The model I liked the most was the Callaway apex UT forged. Not expecting that since I wasn't even considering it before going.
  3. I carry an iblade 4i as a "game improvement" iron. They are VERY forgiving
  4. This forum is a collection of obsessed golfers. You really have to be obsessed with golf to get good at it. So yea I would imagine there is a larger sampling of better players on this forum than almost any golf course you will find. However on the distance issue. I play with a lot of random groups at my local course. I see guys that can hit it 300 all the time....doesn't mean they're any good though. Best player in my usual group of 8 friends is the shortest hitter too. Worst player....the longest.
  5. All of the older Titleist's look so good to my eye. I also really like a lot of the taylormade designs BEFORE they went with the stupid white paint (super quad)
  6. Depends on your preferences and playing style. If you're someone who hits a lot of different shots and trajectories.....a classically lofted, thinner profile is probably better. If you don't care about that as much - then the extra club of distance might help - but I would look at land angles/spin/height/ before focusing solely on distance. Personally I prefer control. I like heavy shafts, thin soles, and classic lofts.
  7. Been switching back and forth between TM GAPR LO and PING hybrid. Considering trying something in the middle of the two. I have more control with irons/di's. I tend to draw hybrids A LOT more than anything else. And when I need to hit a little fade with a hybrid I've got ZERO confidence with the shot right now. Typically I end up just either knocking down a driver or clubbing back to 4iron. On the flip side the GAPR is not what I prefer going into greens. SO I'm considering replacing both with a "tweener". I really do not like the look of the SIM DHY but I've been hearing good things. Anyone have experience with replacing a DI/hybrid with this club (or one like it Titleist u510 etc)? The only problem is they seem to come in lighter 70 gram graphite shafts and I wants something in the 90-100 range.
  8. punch out shots are so fun. of all the shots in golf . bending a low 4i under/around/and over a tree is the most exciting
  9. fairway wood play off the deck. I rarely hit the shot. I don't know if I rarely hit the shot cuz it's my weakness.....or if it's my weakness cuz I rarely hit the shot
  10. Personally if you stay on tour for decades. Win a few big tourneys and consistently make winnings and endorsement money - I would DEFINITELY call that a successful career. Every guy in this forum would quit their job today to just make some cuts on the PGA tour
  11. At a public muni? - who cares bring the boombox. Half the guys out there are wearing t shirts and jorts. At a private club or resort - probably not. But I honestly wouldn't care if someone did.
  12. People don't shame my bag cuz I'm usually 50 yards ahead of them
  13. Wedge. Wedge game is typically the strength for me. Saves bad rounds. Makes average rounds into good ones.
  14. IMO the older Titleist AP2's were as good as it gets for a medium profile club with a lot of help. The newer ones are less forgiving
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