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  1. Not sure I even want to sell these but - Three high quality/gloss black and white photo prints of Ben Hogan's swing sequence. Theres actually about 9 of these photos (somewhere). Each photo is framed in a black wooden trim with black matting and white fine trim. The frames are done with plexiglass so they would be safe to ship. Three photos each one measuring 32" x 32". I paid about $300 for each framed photo. Asking $500 obo for the set. $175 for each 1. Ben Hogan Takeaway photo 2. Ben Hogan Transition photo 3. Ben Hogan finish photo
  2. My advice would be to spend the $100 and get fit for irons.
  3. They're very different - I have both. If you're in between those two why not wait and check out the new PINGs i59 that are coming out sometime this year. That would be a "tweener"
  4. I tried i500 (4i) and Blueprint (5-P) combo - couldn't stand the feel of the i500. Ended up replacing it with a used iBlade 4iron and it's worked nicely - not quite as big as the i500 /i210 irons.
  5. PING is starting to make some lookers. NOW if they'd only Make a smaller profiled driver
  6. 58* glide forged unless the wind/elevation is hurting
  7. Year and a half after a TFCC tear in my lead wrist around 2015
  8. Personally a wedge is a wedge to me (provided it's spec'd the same) I can tell the difference in feel between my previous Vokeys and my current glide forged. The glides feel heavier and firmer. The only time I notice the difference is out of bunkers. I have less bounce on my current set and I can feel it when I'm in fine sand.
  9. after. A change of attack angle and path can make a dramatic difference in ball flight. I would wait especially if you're wanting new woods.
  10. Meh distance is overrated. It's only important on the PGA tour because all of those guys have solid iron/wedge/short game. The average player will benefit way more from improved wedge play That being said.....there are no real distance gains from technology. It's been maxed out for quite a while now.
  11. you learn etiquette from your mentors. Your dad, your coach, etc. The sad reality is that a lot of younger people don't have mentors to teach them the values of these things. So they simply view it as you judging them when they don't know the rules.
  12. they made that perfect iron already. - it's called the PING blueprint
  13. Buy closeout shoes from previous seasons. I buy Footjoy proSL's for like $59 Buy bags on closeout from previous seasons (they're all the same) Use the money you saved on those to get a hybrid
  14. In my opinion a wedge is a wedge as long as the bounce/loft/lie/shaft are equal. I played nothing but Vokey's forever. Switched to Mizuno's and then Ping glide forged - haven't missed a beat with my wedge game. If you don't know what your preference or specs- get something in the middle in terms of bounce. Match the shafts to your irons and gap your lofts equally
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