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  1. This is how the bag has looked since March. Probably the most consistent setup I've played. That being said I am due for a driver and FW fitting soon - So the top of the bag may change. There may be a TM Gapr LO going back in the bag at some point during winter. Driver: Ping G410 plus Evenflow black 75 x stiff (straightest driver I've ever played - but I feel like I've lost about 10 yards) 5 wood : Ping g410 plus - Tensei 70 x stiff (pretty spinny/ shaft a little light will probably be the first to go - TM 3 wood may go back in) Hybrid : Ping G410 19 - Tensei blue 90x s
  2. Gotta have spiked shoes during winter here. It gets softer and wetter around here.
  3. I would recommend teeing your driver down significantly and practicing that. IT is the easiest way to hit a "stinger" type shot and most people don't do it.
  4. 19* TM Gapr LO - 230 carry - 260 total typically
  5. Best PING iron ever made (but I usually hate ping irons) NO they are not the most unforgiving thing on the market. They're not any different than any other blade out there. I played 718cb's before blueprints and at address they aren't more than 5% different
  6. Used odyssey stroke lab 7 slant neck. Don't love the look or the feel. It's "meh" at best for me aesthetically. But it works. I'm putting great so it's still in the bag.
  7. Current set. PING blueprints. (mostly due to it being the only one professionally fit for me). I honestly would put that down to correct specs more than the club head. Shaft/lie/length/loft/weight etc Iron fittings are so important because iron and wedge play (imo) is the key to consistency. you can drive the ball great but if you can't hit a green you're not gonna have much fun. Made a huge difference in my overall consistency - I haven't shot over 76 since lockdown
  8. Never thought I'd say this but I may be picking up some woods from PXG. I love the look of the new driver - it's what I WISH PING would do.
  9. Accuracy over ten yards all day every day. Average par 4 is what....420. 290 leaves a soft PW or hard GW. just play it if it finds the short stuff.
  10. I guarantee you'd I'd play worse with something like a PING G iron.
  11. I can attest that since switching to ping g410 plus I have definitely : hit more fairways hit a more subtle shot shapehit a more consistent trajectoryNot hit a single hook shotNot shot over 75 in two months lost about 10 yards - more into the wind
  12. two or three a week would be a lot for me. My back and wrist couldn't take more than two a week on the regular. gah I'm old
  13. Ping Blueprints - mostly cuz I just love hearing people whine about how they're "unhittable" as I flush pure blade strikes right at the stick............and then two putt from 8 feet :/
  14. I will warn you - the last time I had a backup bag it became my starter set. Which was very confusing.
  15. the 80 and 90 gram x blueboards are my favorite fairway and hybrid shafts. Not a fan of them in drivers but they are arguably the best ever made for middle of the road consistency and feel.
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