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  1. I'll be listing my ping g410 5wood tensei orange 70x + 1/2" if anyone's interested in buying it.
  2. I guarantee everyone would hate it if they had to watch PGA tour players hitting 5 irons into every green with a winning score of 2 under par. It's like the USGA and RnA want to sell fewer tickets. If you want to "protect the game" let it grow and evolve. Keeping it stuck in 1965 will make it die out with the next generation. Golf is just now losing it's stereotype as an old rich dude's game. Rory is right
  3. Oh man. Comminuted open fracture = Shattered leg bone that has pierced the skin. That sounds like a "crush" injury. Really hope it's not as bad as that sounds.
  4. Selling some polo's. All are rarely worn and in nice condition . 1 Under Armour Performance Textured - White XL - $15 2. Under Armour Performance textured - Black XL - $15 3. Under Armour Performance Textured - Mint green - $15 4. Ralph Lauren RLX pique striped polo - Large - Pink/blue/white - $15 5. Ralph Lauren RLX pique polo - Orange - Large - $15 6. Ralph Lauren RLX pique polo - Royal blue - Large - $15 7. NIKE striped dry fit polo - light blue stripe - large - $15 8. Adidas Club stretch quarter zip - Large - Dark green - $15 9. Adidas
  5. 3 wood is typically about 20 yards behind my driver SO driver carry 280 - 3w 260 typically.
  6. The Bridgestone tiger ball is the closest in my opinion
  7. I play this setup. It's great for elevating the ball but it's just gapping a little too close to my hybrid. I'm about to sell mine and probably switch to the LST 3 wood
  8. normally every year....but with as little as I've played this year...... I can get another season out of these
  9. If it's a long par 4 I'll just tee down Driver about a third as high as normally would, grip down, 3/4 swing and hit a little 10 foot high bullet out there. I can do it with a 3 wood too but it's easier with a driver. For me it's much less stressful than trying to rip a 2iron.
  10. Any of these STUPID excessively long par 3's I keep seeing. I know playing from the back is supposed to be challenging but a 270 yd par 3 is ridiculous.
  11. For me it's a smooth flushed iron shot with good balance.
  12. Cleaning out the closet and selling some old winter gear. I DO NOT SELL STAINED or DAMAGED clothes. All items are in excellent condition and clean. 1. Under Armour Cold Gear Insulated full zip jacket : Black size Large - $50 sold 2. Under Armour Cold gear reactor full zip sweater : Royal blue size Large - $30 sold 3. Sun Mountain Full zip vest : Royal blue size large - $25sold 4. Adidas Golf Anorak : Grey/Navy size Large - $30 5. Adidas Golf quarter zip sweater : Light Grey size large - $25 6. Adidas Golf quarte
  13. Either a new practice hitting net or some new polos
  14. that is not a fitting. A good fitting will take hours and you'll probably hit a hundred balls, a dozen head/shaft combos.
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