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  1. Some good stuff up for sale here. Not looking for trades today unless you have a ‘like new’ RAW set of Milled Grind 1 wedges (52,56,60 all standard bounce), longneck Juno putter(sight line on top line), SIK pro C plumber with line on top, or launch monitor. Feel free to ask questions or make offers. Thanks! All raw custom milled grind 2 wedge set 52 @ 51, 56 @ 51, 60. These were $225 per (plus 3 weeks wait) and have only seen a couple range sessions. Fresh faces and starting to patina nicely. Can move just heads or assembled and can bend. Shafted with Project x 6.0 $450 now $400 heads only Shipped $575 now $525 assembled Shipped New in plastic SIM 2 9° head Sold Srixon Zforged Blades 4-PW +.25”/STD/STD. From srixon Soft-stepped Project X 6.5 with new tour velvet grips. Great option for those looking for a playable blade iron $600 now $575 assembled shipped $475 now $425 now heads shipped Shafts: all X Stiff, STD w/TM adapter, installed length @ 45.75” Ventus Velocore Blue 6x *tipping, is “standard” from TM- $OLD Ventus Velocore Blue 7x picked up off eBay so unsure of tipping but seems to be none- $OLD Tensei Raw Blue 60x from TM no tipping- $OLD * added shaft tip photo below - 6X on bottom pin 8/19
  2. This was resolved. My understanding that once the ad is pined to the “archive”, you then have ability to post new ad to the “for sale” forum so long as you meet all other criteria to post thanks.
  3. It was closed and unpinned I created a new listing however it does not appear in the FOR SALE thread despite having paid for the ad. Do I need to report the new listing? thanks for the help
  4. Looking to have old classified ad archived in order to post new ad. Thanks.
  5. Hello all, Please see the items for sale and message with interest. Happy to work out bundle offers for any of the below. Should there be multiple folks interested, East coasters get preference unless shipping can be agreed upon trades interests: spider x chalk LIKE NEW TM milled grind 1s raw 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 35” w/ HC Really good shape; used sparingly on practice green. Only noticeable (albeit hardly) nick is in the neck pictured. New iomic mid pistol grip Traded SIM 2 10.5° Driver head w/ HC Very good condition. Only hit this on the range, did not like with my current shaft thus sticking with my M5 Sold SIM 2 MAX 3 wood 15° w/ aldila rogue silver 70x w HC Excellent condition. Selling as I am sticking with M5 family woods. $275 Shipped OBO Scotty Cameron Pistolero grey Like new/Clean pull Sold Super stroke Pistol 1.0 w/ weight and key clean pull/ mildly used $20 shipped OBO
  6. I am no tiger and I game the z forged. Have played MP30 MP57 MP33 xforged 18 P750 and these have been up to the task no question
  7. Hi everyone, Unloading a mix of items in hopes of finding some new homes in the community. Open to trades so see interests below. Feel free to pm with offers/negotiations, questions, or would like add’l pics. Also can bend and pull. Trade interests: -Skyrak -phantom x 5.5 35” -bettinardi inovai 6.0 -ventus 6or7x blue velo with tm sleeve (since seemingly everyone on tour swings it...) -Sim2 driver or 3 wood head -TM Long neck Juno putter -Mp20 MB’s -chalk spider x 35” in excellent condition -TM Popcorn OR galactic spider Headcovers -anything else cool! Items: Z Forged blades 4-PW shafted PX 7.0. +1”, 2° up, std lie w/Cp2 midsize grips. Certainly used condition but nothing egregious in terms of damage. Can separate heads and shafts Heads sold Project X 7.0 4-PW shafts $130 obo MP33 4-PW shafted with PX 6.5 soft stepped. +.25”, 1°up, std. these are in darn good condition for age and a very unique combo. I loved these and they only just beat out by my gamed zforged $400 shipped obo? M5 driver head hc+tool included very good condition note small surface scratch on rear-heal quadrant of crown $220 shipped obo RTX 4 wedge set raw 50,55,60 50 mid ss px6.5 a little over 35.75” 56 mid at 55 tour issue s400 35.5” 60 low tour issue s400 35” $200 shipped obo MG2 wedge set heads 52,56,60 Standard bounce couple nicks in the soles on all from normal play, faces good, gamed for a year $200 shipped obo Copper spider x 34.5” short slant New Iomic I classic mid pistol grip. Small scratch on rear however hardly discernible at address otherwise all else very good $250 shipped P790 (2nd gen) 3 iron 19° Driving iron x-stiff Black AD95X at 39.25”. Little use as it could not beat out my zx utility SOLD Srixon Z785 top end of set 4-6 soft stepped px6.5 +25”, std, std. New golf pride tour velvet grips. Would pull if heads just wanted. $300 shipped obo Various project x shafts: px6.5 4-pw with multicompound, px 6.0 LZ 2 & 3 iron shafts, & wedge shafts Not dying to part with 6.5 shaft set but could be swayed otherwise all others on the table Pin 5/31
  8. Could you email me length? From there I’ll let you know if I’d like to purchase. [email protected] thanks
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