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  1. I am traveling to visit my grandparents over spring break who are in Vero Beach. My dad and I are looking to play some golf so I am wondering which options we should check out. We are cool to drive a few hours so would something like Streamsong be worth checking out? I would be happy for all kinds of recommendations, thanks!
  2. I am planning to try to compete in the US Am qualifier at the Camargo Club this July. Has anyone played the course? I am also planning on roadtripping over from WA so what courses should I stop and play along the way? Any can't misses around Ohio/Chicago area? Thanks for any feedback or recommendations.
  3. I am planning to start university at University of St. Andrews this next fall... if you don't end up going this summer pm me and we can get a round in on the Old next spring!
  4. Just picked up a Logan Olson 1/1... its sick.
  5. This is one of the best putter cover collections I've seen on here. So cool!
  6. I havent tried the non velocore ventus, but I play a Ventus Black in my TS2 and its legit the best shaft I've ever played. Well worth every penny imo.
  7. Is there a real performance difference between the GEN 2 clubs and the 2021 0211 clubs?
  8. My grandfather lives in Riomar and said the membership rumours around 200k no equity. I dont know the exact figure or details but that is what I frequently hear.
  9. Just to throw my experience in here. Played in a tournament at Jack's Course at Pronghorn last year. Amazing track. Not necessarily a members course. More to the type to beat you down when you play it. I heard the Fazio track plays about 4-5 shots easier. I think it would be a great place to settle. Met some really cool down to earth members there too. I've also played the Sunriver Courses. Im not sure that I'd want to play those as frequently becuase of all the public tourist play, but I haven't gotten to play Corsswater yet so that may be different. I would love to checkout Broken Top or BGC
  10. I played Bandon with my father last year in January for the first time. It was a wonderful experience. Great write up as its always fun to hear others experiences!
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