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  1. I am traveling to visit my grandparents over spring break who are in Vero Beach. My dad and I are looking to play some golf so I am wondering which options we should check out. We are cool to drive a few hours so would something like Streamsong be worth checking out? I would be happy for all kinds of recommendations, thanks!
  2. I am planning to try to compete in the US Am qualifier at the Camargo Club this July. Has anyone played the course? I am also planning on roadtripping over from WA so what courses should I stop and play along the way? Any can't misses around Ohio/Chicago area? Thanks for any feedback or recommendations.
  3. I am planning to start university at University of St. Andrews this next fall... if you don't end up going this summer pm me and we can get a round in on the Old next spring!
  4. Just picked up a Logan Olson 1/1... its sick.
  5. This is one of the best putter cover collections I've seen on here. So cool!
  6. I havent tried the non velocore ventus, but I play a Ventus Black in my TS2 and its legit the best shaft I've ever played. Well worth every penny imo.
  7. Is there a real performance difference between the GEN 2 clubs and the 2021 0211 clubs?
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