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  1. Comparing Finau to Rory is like comparing Ernie Els to Nick Watney, sure Watney is/was a very good golfer, he's just not is the same class as far as winning is concerned. Finau has a huge problem winning that I don't see him getting over anytime soon.
  2. Has anyone had any luck on Ebay recently? Looking at 13 for $67, seller has 100% feedback, only one person said they were either old or counterfeit. Trying to decide, I mean if you can't even tell the difference then...?
  3. 9 degrees of bounce. Not enough for me, only reason why I'm selling, I prefer higher bounce wedges.
  4. Hey guys, I have a brand new never used, only butt cut 0.5" Matrix Black Tie 60M4 X flex. Looking for Sold. Thanks Wrx!
  5. Miura Wedge Series 55°- 35.25". Dynamic Golf Wedge Flex. Standard size velvet style grip. Mint condition. $135 OBO. Pictures tell the story. If you have any questions or want more pics please don't hesitate to send me a PM. Thanks for looking!
  6. Is it the same as a Fuel Tour Spec 70 just an earlier version?
  7. Looking at buying an 8.2. Everyone knows these are the Motore Speeders, my question is are the one's that say 'Tour Spec"- 8.2 TS's and the ones that don't say Tour Spec just regular 8.2's. Or are they all Tour Spec regardless.
  8. If I may answer this, I've asked him previously and he said he does its $30.
  9. Is it a 9.8 Tour Spec? I can pick up a used one in a SLDR cheap and am curious if it actually is a 9.8. Thanks
  10. It's possible they made them in both .335 and .350 . If you Google search "Yonex Ezone 380 tip size" , the first link is to tour spec forum and it says .350
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