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  1. Idk how consistent you are with your woods but changing them out can be tough if you know how reliable your club is. my 3w is touching that 10-11 yr mark and I did have a g400 3w this spring but offloaded that because I couldn’t get past the louder clink impact noise. So it can come down to sticking with what works tbh.
  2. I started out with the Rx and (to me) it is gives a great feel off of every club in the bag. I used the Xs this season as well and I would easily interchange either. Like my brother shared I would use the Rx if I’ve been playing with a cold swing. If it’s the summer and I’m on point Xs would get the work. Both balls work for me imo you may end up liking the RX for that purpose as well.
  3. Cool to see another person from Saginaw on this site. glws
  4. I don’t know what your previous driver(s) was but could you give some comparisons? I have a g400 driver that I appreciate the sound of, and seeing that you have two of the hot drivers of 2021 could you share your thoughts.
  5. I haven’t been in dicks for a while. Yeah it looks to have some discernible tech, I wonder how they play
  6. So I’m at my GFs place this weekend and I went to the local Dicks and was checking out the local stock since the bigger golf stores are an hour and some change away. After perusing the new TSi stuff and the used section, I was looking at the irons on the racks and seen these I was wondering if there is already a thread or if y’all were up on these. what’s the story?? They kinda got a ap3 vibe to them looks wise, I wish I took a picture of the top line but they were compact relatively speaking
  7. You gotta watch out for those range rats they come in both styles I don’t play a golf glove myself a la Freddy couples
  8. Those are still a considerable club for people who are on the timid side
  9. I remember reading somewhere if you meet someone with a tanned left hand, a wear mark on a 3w or a set that is peculiar with wear marks, YOU SHOULDNT TAKE UP BETS
  10. nice, personally i enjoy confidence between golfers, as long as youre not raging over minimal stuff on the course and keep it together on the off days, youre good in my book
  11. i remember when he had a special RBZ blade set made for him
  12. ive been lurking around since 2011-15 (before i made an account) it was a rant, lol what triggered me was when this TXG video about the callaways and when "matty-boy" is thumbing his chest hitting a t100 7 iron 180 or so and then makes mention at some point about the cally blade 7 iron and not looking like a fool etc For me that just did it and then I just thought about the threads here and so forth came the formation of the post lol But it was indeed for fun and i knew if made the title with some controversy it could either bring in peoples opinion and reaction or just
  13. I see what you did there, my name is Fred nice to meet ya lol
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