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  1. Funny you say weight transfer, that was what my coach pointed out with me and after a bad round during my nationals we hit the range and once she indicated how weight transfer should be, my contact went back to how I knew and my distance came back. I was sliding into the ball instead of hitting through. but this did help me get more aware of that and what should be instead of what I would regress to.
  2. Has anyone tried to wear the copper/black finish on the Ardmore line or copper line. I’m curious.
  3. I asked for a top line pic but he’ll get that later. it does look like a sharp putter personally I don’t have the knowledge of this brand of putter. Lol hopefully you Eagle eyed types may be able to identify it. Thank you
  4. Honestly I’ve played both the Nike very tour and currently have a g400 rn. Lol would much rather take the g400 as the obvious upgrade, played the Nike for 8 years before moving into the ping(or anything newer). D3 heads may also be a idea for you. Bought my brother a 915 and he pokes his here and there all the time.
  5. Feel like you thought Taylormades M series were inspired by stormtroopers
  6. Ik what you’re saying. some people might not even get how to apply those things they get shone and never improve on other things.
  7. Yeah I’m in the spot of “small adjustments”are what are stopping me from good shots and bad shots. also didn’t play golf for 2 days lol
  8. Well I played today with my brother and it was a good session. I shot a 81 on the east course Forrest Akers (never played before) and was terrible off the tee. Made some putting errors. My contact with my irons were better than the range session (yesterday when I made this post) it’s been my driving that has always been a woe of mine but this year I have been doing significantly better than many years past(more in play tighter dispersion) context to my post : it’s my driving that messes with me and my confidence foundation around the driver( will still bunker down and hit solid shots w
  9. Yeah it can be defiantly arrogant to say that but I know what you’re saying
  10. Other than the instruction part, you just described my twin brother and I. We have eachother to stop the basic faults of a bad swing but not our personal faults (intricate, past our knowledge) we can both play our golf in that same kinda range. You’ve and the other homegrown fellers have given me the perspective I needed (known but didn’t accept) thanks
  11. Honestly that’s why I feel I may need some outside instruction to truly level off whatever my needs happen to be. Cause I’m sure we’ve all been around when someone compliments the swing and the flow of your golf and think you got it from someone. In reality it’s been because we found out the way to play the game through our own foundation/coordination. it’s like this quote “all that talent can be a waste if you don’t sharpen it into a skill” or something
  12. Lol I typed this in a discourages mood. I should be a little more accepting but until I get to know whoever I am going to still feel like you’re not my friend just cause I paid for a service lol
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