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  1. lol this thread is funny. it’s not meee it’s the cluuub. you just complacent cause if you had to adjust hitting driver different then you’d probably feel like it would change everything about your golf swing. Golf brands Gotta love your type. instead of a driver tho, why not try a 2w setup with a driver shaft ?? or a consistent setup. Or even the g400 since the head is smaller maybe even the d3 types.
  2. Personally, I’ve never truly understood this “handicap system” and how many strokes you’re supposed to give etc. but for me, the people I have played with you got a mulligan off the first tee if you miss/rust. Then a shot a side. IMO you guys are right near eachother (on paper) really no need for all these extra strokes lol but that’s my version of playing “straight up”.
  3. Who is this monte person.... I keep seeing people mention him
  4. I’ve seen the shoe customizes out there when I use to be on IG. It’s cool to see someone take those ideas on a golf shoe. Lol plus I have these shoes in all white and they’re very comfortable. I actually want to grab another pair and the black white pair
  5. 10 finger like a baseball grip? That’s what I do at least. Only my putter is the only one when I overlap my pinky/ right finger. Lol but I’ve never been shamed or nothing so if someone is trying to speak on you. Just show up and show out. Lol fuggedabout em
  6. I work in production so I’m standing most of the day. I’ll hit some lunges or body weight squats just to keep my back from feeling tight and my hips getting stiff. I look at it as the difference from feeling tight 4hours in to feeling that 8hrs in. It’s not a cure but it does alleviate that stiff low back/hip section. It’s really the small maintenance habits that keeps it all going
  7. Work on wellness is what this man is saying....
  8. You’re only a “club ho” because your golf skill isn’t anything to boast on. More money than talent Also it’s not a personality either
  9. I used a pure grip midsize, fits my hands and the texture just locks my grip in. Even after the years of using it just had a great feel to it. lamkin deep paddle etched/w three wraps. (Picked that setup tip from here) and has the right feel too. I can really lock in on how my grip feels alongside the putter grip and the sharp edges just remind me so well how my hands are setup that I’m just as on as I am with the pure grip. Great grip and I can only wonder how the deep etched (tigers stricker style) feels like. I also like the ping grip(white letter) that comes stock on the newest lines. Something about the shape and texture just resonates with me. honestly have narrowed down how my feel preferences, blade putters have to be a midsize/standard. Mid mallet can be a larger style grip. I found out the hard way when I swapped the pure out just to try a SS gt 1.0 and the texture didn’t feel the same as the GTR on my Ardmore. It had me working harder than I ever had to with my Nike. So got on with the lamkin and now I’m right back to what I’m use to doing.
  10. I see a lot of thoracic pain in the future. Lol
  11. So you hit a 7iron and got a hole in one but good stuff great story for a hole in one
  12. Got a couple baby marks on the impact areas. Definitely not a sandy ball friendly putter
  13. It has its spots but definitely nailed it on the head
  14. Ask pepper turbo guy. Mans is 70 with the coordination of a 30yr old. But on a serious note, WELLNESS, is your dad active?. Does he do stuff to retain competence in his moments. ? Just played yesterday with some seniors that seemed pretty solid. I had a class back in 2020 and I really appreciate it. The class made me realize to practice good habits and be aware of our wellness/health.
  15. I had a g400 3w/w Alta (only played for 1 round. Hit 4 times) for a week before I let it go. Loud and didn’t seem that much of a upgrade over my Cleveland dst 3w (had for 10yrs). Ended up finding a 410 3w on here, got a tour shaft for it. I tend to think the 410 is what the g400 was supposed to be but definitely a upgrade and it hits (keeps up with my brothers sim 3w) So if you can’t afford the 425 you won’t be that amiss if you grabbed the 410.
  16. Honestly mine hasn’t worn or show excessive wear. Lol the Taylormade headcover tho is showing like a 20 year vet. Lmao
  17. I didn’t keep a notification for this thread but a lot of great advice. I got help from my golf coach. I was sliding into the ball and not using a proper hip turn. yes I didn’t get a lesson but the help I received did take away my misses and tendencies that were accompanying. now my biggest take away is following my pre shot routine and feeling what I need to feel in my swing before I hit the ball. thanks for everyone’s input!
  18. The new epic is just a rebadged mavrk I think you’ll find it to be a seem less transition.
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