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  1. If you have a buyer for the irons that does want the 3i I would be very interest. In Canada but haven't had any issues getting stuff lately. Used Car cover came quick from the east coast. USPS. Thanks!
  2. If you don't have any offers for US, let me know if you are interested in shipping to Canada. Interested in the hybrid. Thanks!
  3. > @storm319 said: > What kind of volume are you planning on? If the volume is low just get a simple table vice or slide them on while standing up. Don't have chain golf store after moving to a small town and don't have the luxury of working in the industry any more. With doing friends club's if say 100 club's a year
  4. This one is available online in Canada. Need to figure out the table situation!
  5. Golfnuck if you're ever looking for a 4th at Shaughnessy...like carpet out there ?
  6. Although the thread is a couple years old. Really appreciate the feedback. Going to Kelowna end of September for work and being a single and trying to sneak out, I'll know what courses to avoid. Fingers crossed courses havent closed or punched. Check back in with my own reviews of where I ended up playing.
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