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  1. I'm adding a couple of close-up, down-the-shaft photos for you. The BBO's are mostly 1 shaft offset on the flow necks. I can see just small portion of the shaft cross the end, so 3/4 to 1 shaft offset here.
  2. Putter (shipped CONUS): 1. Bettinardi (DASS) Zero Flow Sound Slot Proto - custom 1 of 1, BBO prototype gamer is upgraded with a Pink T Hive Stinger headcover to match the Pink T Hive logo. The putter length is 35” with a black shaft and matching black Gripmaster grip - $OLD! Ball Markers and Headcovers (shipped CONUS w/original display box/bag): * 2. Bettinardi - (DASS) Open Hex ball marker - $75 3. Bettinardi - Double Bubble ball marker - $OLD! 4. Bettinardi - Blues Brothers Chi-Town (DASS) ball marker - $OLD! 5. Bettinardi - Spring Classic Masters Azalea
  3. I have the Standard Sink Fit that came with my Inovai 6.0 and really like the texture better than the deep etched. It's softer on the hands and has great tack so you can use less pressure. I also purchased the matching Jumbo Sink Fit and like the size, but prefer the sharper back profile of the SS Flatso design. This one is very round all the way around the back. I'll probably end up giving it another try though.
  4. What number hybrid were you playing the shaft in or was it built for? I have the same shaft in my 4 hybrid and it measures 37.375" to the Ping loft/lie markings. It looks like your is 37" to the markings?
  5. Selling a lightly used PlaneMate swing trainer. All original parts and packaging. $130 w/free USPS Priority shipping in the CONUS.
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