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  1. No trades CONUS shipping MG2 TW 50/56 $330 used only for a couple shots at the range Standard L/L/L S400 tour issue TV cord standard
  2. OBO on everything CONUS shipping Mizuno MP20 Combo $800 -Standard L/L/L -Modus 105 Tour X -Multi-compound standard plus 2 wraps Mizuno M-craft 1 $235 -34 inches and standard Loft and Lie -includes head cover and weight kit -Stock grip TaylorMade MG2 Black 50/54/58 Sold -Standard loft and length/ 1 degree flat -DG Tour Issue S400 -TV cord Standard plus 3 wraps Brand New TaylorMade SIM UDI 2 $230 -Stock L/L/L -Diamana Thump 90 Stiff -Stock Grip
  3. US only and no trades All woods and the putter come with headcovers Epic Flash Driver 10.5 w/ Tour AD IZ 5s standard length ($380) Epic Flash 3 Wood w/ Tour AD DI 6s standard length ($300) Mizuno JPX 919 Tour 7-pw/ Forged 5 and 6 w/ Ctaper lite Stiff flex std L/L/L ($590)
  4. CONUS shipping No trades Price: $230 Mint condition with headcover Specs: 4 hybrid Shaft: Tensei white pro tx Standard L/L/L Standard mmc red plus 3 wraps
  5. CONUS shipping Price $300 for all three Tour velvet cord standard Standard length and loft lie 1 degree flat 50/54 standard bounce 58 low bounce use for about 8 rounds
  6. All lofts are 4 degrees apart starting at 46 so I have no problem with gapping distances. In appearance I just notice a thicker top-line. Ball flight launched a little higher than a 5 and 4 iron mb.
  7. CONUS SHIPPING ONLY Price Sold MP20 6-pw HMB 4-5 Project X LZ 6.0 Standard L/L/L Standard Golf Pride Cord
  8. CONUS shipping only Used for one round and feel amazing, but these spin way too much for me. Price $380 for all three 50/54/58 standard L/L/L project x lz 6.0 golfpride tour velvet cord standard size
  9. TaylorMade M5 Price $340 Atmos tour spec blue 7x standard length Lamkin Crossline standard Scotty Cameron Xperimental C5 Circle T Price $400 35 inches
  10. No trades CONUS shipping only MP20 HMB (4-5) MP20 (6-PW) Price $900 Project X LZ 6.0 standard L/L/L Tour velvet cord standard T20 50,54,58 Price $400 (all three) $140 (seperate) Project X LZ 6.0 Standard L/L/L Tour velvet cord Standard Low bounce PRICE FOR EVERYTHING $1150
  11. CONUS SHIPPING ONLY T100 - $770 4-PW DG AMT WHITE X100 Standard L/L/L Standard grip size U500 3 iron - SOLD PX even flow white 90 6.5 Standard L/L/L Standard grip
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