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  1. My setup had 7-8ft between the unit and ball, and another 7-8ft between ball and net.
  2. Mistakes were made - post updated. Good luck to those interested!
  3. Alright clearly the original asking didn't sit well with some folks. I'm asking for list price + what you think 8-10 weeks of waiting is worth to you. Best offer wins.
  4. Almost brand new mevo+ for sale today folks, Comes with everything - case, charger, metallic dots (unopened). Will transfer all licenses but buyer responsible for any cost. Great launch monitor - only used a handful of times. I can say this thing is awesome and VERY accurate - unfortunately I am moving and won't have the space for this this unit at the new place. Your chance to get it without waiting 10 weeks like I did. Asking $OLD. Will ship FAST anywhere to the lower 48 via USPS.
  5. Literally laughed out loud at my desk reading this. All kidding aside though, my SIM came with some discoloration in the neck area. After playing 1 round with it there was some cracking. Emailed TM and they promptly replaced it for me.
  6. 3 weeks for me as well. BD in the morning and PD in the afternoon on Feb 10th
  7. My Epic Flash Sub-Zero 9 degree in Excellent Condition for sale today. Face, sole and topline are completely CLEAN. The crown has some VERY faint scratches as the Callaway clubs are susceptible to these. Hardly noticeable at address and you can barely see it in the pictures. Includes original headcover and tool, both in awesome shape. 2 shaft options: 76g Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 or 70g Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.0. Both completely stock from Callaway and never used. Ideally want to sell the head+shaft but will split if I have buyers for both. Will ship USPS priority. Asking $OLD!
  8. Thanks for the insight and agreed. I'm not gonna risk it. Scheduling my club pickup now!
  9. I'm there Feb 9-13. Anyone fly the United flight from SFO to North Bend? I've heard of some troubles with checking a golf bag on that flight, so thinking of shipping my clubs to the resort instead.
  10. Nice. Wasn't able to find that thread before posting this. I also noticed that the Smoke Green 70 cannot be 'soft stepped' 1" on TMs custom configurator, while the 60g version can. This leads be to believe that TM tips the 60g version 1" and puts the 70g version straight in. Anyone think that's correct or am I missing something.
  11. Yellow and black are meant to be the same launch profile - yellow is the counterbalanced version as someone above mentioned. The smoke line is the next gen hzrdus, and designed to be a bit smoother feeling with the same launch profile as the original hzrdus. I've hit them all, and found the original yellow to be too inconsistent, while also spinning significantly more than black. The original black had a great boring trajectory and very low spin, but was VERY heavy in the tip, making me feel like it took a lot of effort to swing. Smoke black was a good middle ground, very stout without the h
  12. 70g smoke. PGATSS didn't have any other options unfortunately
  13. Anyone know anything about the hzrdus smoke green stock shaft in the new TM SIM drivers? Wondering if these are real deal smoke greens (just the mass produced version) or if they are just some very cheap 'made for' version for TM. I'm suspicious since TM charges a $250 upcharge for the Ventus options, and when I hit the 70g version in the store it felt very light and was spinning quite a bit more than expected.
  14. Incorrect but thanks. I just booked a tee time for tomorrow on South ;)
  15. Anyone know how crowded it is in Jan? I'm in Laguna this weekend and debating driving 1hr to Torrey to try to walk on as a single. I called yesterday and the guy said the tee sheet is fully booked and kind of laughed when I said I might try to walk on...
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