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  1. Brora is offering UK residents prices for this year. I'm sure it's a lot more widespread across the UK I just came across it on Twitter this evening. If you're in the area then the Brora Tickets look to be good value if you want to go crazy on just one course. https://broragolfclub.co.uk/visitors/green-fees
  2. That clubhouse looks amazing! We're in the process of procuring land for a new clubhouse. Our current one is am 18th Century old farm building. Looks ok from the outside, dated on the inside.
  3. Ours are staying around about the same, £1095 for the year, which is a £95 increase, or less than a round at Prestwick with the new UK rates. Our yearly visitor income is only around £40k so we are heavily reliant on membership unlike a lot of the courses north of the border. I read of some courses losing up to £600k last year through no visitors.
  4. Aha, I see. I thought I'd clicked on a general government website, but turns out it was the Borders local government website.
  5. I went up to the Highlands for 2 weeks last October and did a trip around Uist. I think there were no more than a couple of days that it rained, and the west coast tends to be wetter. Kids have holidays early October 8-17th, so if inclined organise to avoid those dates. I would definitely recommend October as you will have had the summer months for course maintenance and grass growth. Courses are usually in great condition.
  6. I think it's all relative. As a member at a course in England I find some of the prices to play in Scotland, and England too, obscene. Your friends In America, and this is generalising at the highest order, probably pay a significant more in membership fees than we do over here. Comparing a round at RD to my membership in England, and a round at RD compared to the average membership in America, there will likely be a huge disparity. Being a member's guest is the golden ticket, especially at a course as good as RAGC!
  7. He must have been putting the times into Google in the evening whilst there's no traffic! Google tells me Troon to Carnoustie is 2h21m at the moment, bearing in mind it's 21:15 during a pandemic.
  8. I can take zero credit for this, other than stumbling across whilst looking through Instagram. All credit to theukgolfguy on IG for this post, which documents journey times between a few of the top named courses in Scotland. Hopefully it's of use in gauging where you might stay, how long for, courses you might play etc. P.S. I've also not tried putting these into sat nav either, other than one solitary spot check that ended up being correct according to Google, so apologies if the journey times are a little off, it is Scotland afterall and some of the roads are pretty treacherous, so jour
  9. In England, we've been placed under new lockdown restrictions until the middle of February, so golf courses are not open to any play until at least then. Note that this is England only; Scotland is still allowing play. I'm not sure about Wales, Northern Ireland or ROI.
  10. In a simlar fashion to @FairwayFred, you can join Tain Golf Club as a Country Member for £260 per year, and use their reciprocal arrangement to play Royal Dornoch, Brora, Golspie etc. 3 times per year for £20 a round each. And of course play Tain as many times you want. For a full list of their reciprocal courses see here... https://www.tain-golfclub.co.uk/uploads/2020/General 2020/Reciprocal Arrangements (3).pdf
  11. We adopt WHS tomorrow in England, and so my HI has been newly calculated. In the calculations PCC has been kicked in 5 times from the compeition rounds I've played in the last year or so. Most are +1 (rare instance of +2, but that was due to small field and difficult conditions), and one instance of -1.
  12. 150?! Living the dream. I must have had around 30 at the very most.
  13. Here are a few pictures from Uist. Some of Askernish Golf Club and a couple of personal pictures just to give you another dimension to a trip to Uist/Outer Hebrides. The beaches are incredible, although water temp is around 10C (50F) so the wetsuit was a necessity! You could easily be fooled for a beach in the Caribbean!
  14. Bolton Old Links- founded in 1891 and was redesigned by Alister MacKenzie and the new course reopened in 1924. Here's some blurb from Top 100 Courses. It's not a top 100 course (!) and features at 17 in Lancashire behind the likes of Royal Lytham, Royal Birkdale etc al.
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