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  1. Howard, so much good stuff here. Question though. Only focusing on the Carry totals you highlight, we see the 11% rule maximizing carry, however if we look at the total distance of carry and rollout we see that the lowest spin value always produces the greatest total distance at any LA. Are we saying that the roll out measurements are not accurate or consistent enough to be concerned about here or is it just a matter of landing angle not being as important when compared to spin rate especially at the slower 150 ball speeds?
  2. If you can't move them by hand, run them under hot tap water for 10 seconds or so and they should start moving no problem. Then as others have stated, just get a couple dots of epoxy at the top of the hosel, push them back down, wipe, and let dry.
  3. Nope. You can't have the loft without the face closure coming with it. Lofting up will promote the head falling more closed, just as lofting down will promote more open. Really need to get a higher lofted head, or really focus on moving your strike point higher on the head where the face roll will give you some more loft.
  4. I have seen plenty of out of line plumbers necks. Often people don't notice them or the original shaft was epoxied with a forward lean to cancel it out. There are way more putters out there with out of spec lofts caused by shaft and stem issues than people realize.
  5. Mallet is my go to tool if I head just won't budge. Rubber or wood so you don't damage the head. Vise it, torch it, then a couple hammer strikes on the leading edge to help get the twisting started.
  6. Another vote for the Pure Pro. It's like the love child of a stress ball and a tour velvet. Never thought I would like a softer style grip, never liked Winn etc. Always tour velvets and Crossline cords but these are so good. Especially as it gets colder out, these are just a pleasure to hold.
  7. Thoughts. Seems like Cobra always has a flatter profile. Who else?
  8. Is that a long scratch, crack, or just lighting artifact running across the white section of crown from the center down towards the heel?
  9. This is inaccurate. KBS has great margins, probably just coincidence that Club Champion would fit so many people into them I'm sure.
  10. From the measurements that I've done with a 9.5 degree driver, 4 degree change in lie angle resulted in .25 degrees of face angle change. Gets a bit tricky to measure b/c of the bulge and roll but that number is pretty close regardless. I had to measure at 4 degrees change since anything less presented too small a difference to see. At 280 yards that represents a little over 1 yard offline based on initial direction. Factor in side spin on top and maybe we get 4 yards offline total.
  11. There is no such thing as the perfect fitting just like there is no such thing as the perfect set of golf clubs. Some clubs will work better, some will be worse, but the best thing you can do is first realize the best a fitting can do is narrow down options, not pinpoint them. Second thing would be to do some research yourself or with your son as to what is out there as far as equipment goes. Having an understanding of heads, what's important when picking out shafts, not to just overlook the importance of grips, all these things will increase your chance of a "successful" fitting. You can find hundreds of stories of people who hit clubs great in a fitting and then did not see it translate to the course. The golfer should lead the fitting, not be led.
  12. Most fitters won't have all the iron heads to try. Usually just the 6 or 7 iron. PXG might since it's there own stuff??
  13. Yes, take time with the drilling, heat and pressure building up inside the shaft is a real problem. Be sure to wear some safety glasses as I've had stuff go flying out at high speed when pulling out the drill bits.
  14. Longer drill bit. I keep a 12 inch bit for these cases. That being said, I got the best tip from someone here concerning removing the epoxy plug. Use a belt sander or similar to remove all epoxy from the tip end, so the epoxy plug is flush with the graphite. Then get a metal punch and hammer the plug down into the shaft. Works amazingly well. However is sounds like whoever put the clubs together was a newbie and used way way too much epoxy. Not sure this method will work with a plug longer that 1 inch or so.
  15. This is very accurate. When you are using a mid iron like you do in 99% of all fittings, the length difference will not show itself in terms of feeling comfortable with the length b/c whatever length they give you will still be in the range of something you're used to (ie, another club in the set). So the biggest difference will be the change in swing weights. When you get into the 9 or wedge, you are falling below that range of iron lengths. That is where the length can actually feel uncomfortable.
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