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  1. Cog style adapters do the exact same thing as rotating hosels. Shaft is tilted in relation to the hosel. Changes in that orientation cause the loft and lie to change relative to where it started out. Different brands may try and market or highlight specific changes, but they are in fact all doing the same thing.
  2. Graphite Design is the only one of the big brands where you shouldn't have to worry about any of the shaft deception schemes. They are always what they say they are.
  3. Odyssey Stroke Lab 7, 34 inches, with oversized Odyssey grip. I refinished the chrome shaft tip in brushed finish to reduce glare and match up with head. Matching head cover included. $110 OBO
  4. Calling Ping shafts made for is an over simplification. Ping is the only OEM I know who is intimately involved in the shaft design process. Other OEMs just shop out the basic specs at a certain price. Ping does not do that.
  5. Firstly, what is a real deal shaft. All shafts are real, just at different price points. It's hard to find "made for" shafts these days though there are still a few. TM with a Tensei Raw Blue 60 is one example. However most brands are using shafts that can be purchased independently at retail which I define as aftermarket. All that being said, many shafts seem to be artificially priced higher than they would usually be in order to appear more premium. This is good for the shaft company and the club company buying those shafts for their stock clubs. If you want premium
  6. You should probably expand on exactly how I am wrong in more than one way so we can all be enlightened.
  7. It's online, but I would say Srixon is the brand you should worry least about of any since the sleeve movement is so limited. Only 1 degree in any direction. Srixon starting position is in the 6 o clock spot, so moving from the standard to the standard upright does nothing to the loft, only the lie. Face angle will also not change.
  8. The black was very linear with a softer handle, pretty much the same as the HZRDUS Smoke Black. They feel very similar.
  9. My rule of thumb is if it retails under $250 it's not the "premium" aftermarket, whatever you take that to be. Of course this line also gets blurry with Mitsu and Project X and their pricing but it's a start. Here is a question, how much is the construction cost difference between the CK Orange and the CK Pro Orange for example. My understanding has always been high end $10 vs maybe $20 for any of these shafts??
  10. Neck looks about as straight as any neck is going to be. If anything, to me it looks like it's bending back from the face (ie lowering loft). I would not mess with it. If it bothers you, I'd look for a new putter.
  11. Someone brought me a couple Amazon ones to install for him. Heads are still attached to shafts so, seem ok.
  12. I've built and played a 1/4 progression set based off a 37.5 inch 6 iron. Played them for a season. I liked them on the long and mid end, but kept having issues with the short irons specifically wedges. I hit them very straight but the feel of the shaft in those wedges was just not good. Sort of a whippy clunk feel. Again, the results were solid but the feel got to the point where I had to reshaft and go a more traditional direction. Possibly switching into different shaft flex could have helped, but I never got that far into that idea.
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