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  1. You might have missed this but sounds like Club Conex is busy burning all their bridges now that they are owned by True Spec. Billy Bobs golf has something similar now and I think everyone will be flocking there since Club Conex will now cost you as much as a car payment every month.
  2. Bigger issue, the heads on backwards. Lefty joke ha ha
  3. Oops. drumdude96 is right. I thought you were just asking about the hosel size.
  4. Just looking for some suggestions of fairway woods that people have found have closed faces at address? Current or older models.
  5. .370 Good resource here. https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/Callaway.pdf
  6. He's debatably the best driver on tour. Why would he do this? Can someone confirm.
  7. Adam C


    It's bad enough that someone will charge $20 for it. Is anyone actually charging $60 per shaft for it?? That is really impressive, in a golf Bernie Madoff sort of way.
  8. Adam C


    Money grab.
  9. You are pretty much describing most every low low profile shafts. I would look at dropping a weight class if you are trying to find something "easier" to swing. Otherwise the differences will be minimal especially over time, not in a fitting session.
  10. How do you make an expensive GSS putter or similar feel no different than a cheap box set putter? Put an oversized Superstroke grip on it.
  11. That's not a fitter. That's a club builder who know how to fit correctly.
  12. Do not leave the fate of your equipment up to any "fitter". Not sure when fitters became lofted into some high end speciality profession. Actually I do, but that's another topic. Not to say, there aren't good fitters out there who know their stuff and won't try and shaft you but it's always better to be an informed buyer. Know your own equipment, and understand how you react to changes in weight, flex, head design etc. Better off thinking of a fitting as I high end demo where you can see how you react to variable changes. Then you can make the best, most informed decision about your clubs
  13. Like Stuart said, trying to fix launch issues with a shaft change is likely not going to offer much of a change. More than that, what you may find in an initial change in shaft often is mitigated over time and leaves you right back where you started.
  14. If you are really looking for distance, just moving around from shaft to shaft in the same weight class isn't going to get you much and flex won't do much either unless the flex feel changes your swing sequence and allows you to maximize your speed at impact (though this is often temporary in it's results). You need to drop weight if you want to get more speed. Does not matter if you have a $400 shaft or a $40 one, the weight is where you need to focus.
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