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  1. It is Tour only because if it being highly modified for the tour person. So personally I feel it would only be a collectible, conversational piece or it so happens fits you...otherwise better to sell it and use the money to have a putter spec-ed out to you...not knowing the Tour staffer, won’t know how valuable/sentimental that Tour putter is
  2. I play my Mizuno MP-29 as my trial of blades, now love it and I use it more often my gamers Mizuno MX-300. So does that mean my gamers are actually the MP-29
  3. Those are pretty sexy...guess I have to look for some...like that big cursive script. I do like the old school M but the Modern bird is great too
  4. Eeecc

    Sim2 Max Irons

    I would never be able to play a wide sole club so I would definitively move them to fund purchasing something thinner.
  5. Both on Toronto golf . But really was being super lucky and meeting super nice people.
  6. Wow...sure messed up some clean look from previous iterations
  7. Gonna say Srixon’s over the I210s purely because you will have a “newer” club with the Srixon as aren’t the I210 getting replaced soon or at least something newer of players iron from Ping. That regret of buying something “old” would just make me regret it. Lol. But maybe that is why I rather play used...because they are old anyways.
  8. I was lucky and fortunate...unfortunately it will be off the market forever. Don’t think I would ever let it go.
  9. A Mizuno Bettinardi BC-6 for $75 Canadian to match my existing C-01 that was $100 Canadian.
  10. Oldies but goodies (at least to me). Got a Mizuno Bettinardi BC-6 for $75 CDN (always wanted one) to match my existing Mizuno Bettinardi C-01 that I had got for $100 CDN 4 years ago. My favorite putter company with my favorite golf company
  11. Wow looks really nice...in my neck of words only seen the 1 that series in the chrome fully milled but didn’t like how it looks a bit asymmetrical. But your 9 looks symmetrical and very sweet looking
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