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  1. Just picked up a 17° but need a shaft and ferrule. I think they are .370 but not sure. Can anyone confirm for me?
  2. Closing soon and heading to the bay. If your considering send me a message.
  3. Miss read, I saw 86 when I looked. Thanks for fact checking.
  4. The 75s are 79 grams uncut. You might not notice much difference jumping up to an 85 gram. On paper it’s different but maybe not in your hands. Maybe it’s exactly what you need, who knows right! Lol. If you aren’t already try to become familiar with the shaft profiles and the stiffness in each section of the shaft. I’ve noticed there are subtle differences in butt and tip stiffness and lager differences in mid section stiffness but there are really unique profiles as well. Like the LAGA Trono. Soft butt and tip and super stiff mid. Pretty much the complete opposite of the most commo
  5. PayPal only. Prices include shipping CONUS. No trades. The Buck Club putter cover. Dark grey, waxed canvas. $70 shipped. Pushcut Custom, Rep the step collaboration 3 wood cover. Grey, waxed canvas. $50 shipped. Sold. Bettinardi BB1 350g. 33.5”. Gamed a few times a season over the years. Flatcat grip installed but comes with original. $150. Thanks!
  6. Giving a Aldila Rip Phenom Nasty Long a try in my driver.
  7. Save your money and learn how to control your 6 and 8 to mend the gap! I’m also in the market and it comes down to what I feel comfortable with when I’m getting ready to hit. A 6i blade makes me cringe.
  8. Ouch. But put a 1K in it and I’m sure dispersion will be tight! I’m surprised to see this already with AV Raw Whites relatively recent release.
  9. Hate seeing BST ads with Tour Issue listing and a TA stamp. Confusing.
  10. Agree with you. I don’t have an official answer but I’d bet his gains with SIM don’t out-weight whatever comfort M5 gives him.
  11. Hello! Up for grabs is a RH M5 9° Head. Headcover. No wrench. With Tour AD XC 7TX. Tipped 1.5. GP Tour Velvet Plus 4 Midsized. Hit the head a few times and have changed to a 10.5°. VERY small mark on the top line (see the zoomed in photo with black square). See photos for shaft length. Plays just under 44.5. No trade interests. Price includes shipping. Paypal only. $350 for the entire club. $230 for the head. $170 for the shaft.
  12. When I have high hopes, like say coming off a great round, I tend to play worse then normal. Could be the same case with the putter. Your expectations are so high you crap the bed. Just shake it off and I’m sure it will come around.
  13. I’m looking forward to trying these in January. Hopefully the release doesn’t get pushed back. I’ll be in market for a new set come the new year so seeing the recent and future releases across the brands is real exciting.
  14. GL3

    White Hot OG?!

    Love the name. Tried my old White hot XG two ball blade earlier this season and couldn’t get the feel dialed in so back in the corner it went. I’ll probably pass on these but love seeing the resurrection.
  15. 1. City and State? Manchester, NH. 2. Handicap? 11. 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Possibly. 4. Current Iron setup? Mizuno JPX900 Forged 4-Gap. X100. 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons? Feel. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
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