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  1. It’s interesting. Any assumptions on your end? Maybe to meet conditions of the course or body I suppose. On second thought it had to be to match his outfit that day.
  2. The G box or Total Golf Trainer (Hip) could be two good trainer options to help.
  3. $120 plus shipping CONUS. Need a zip for quote. Ready to be shipped. No trades.
  4. Love the hell out of this thing, but looking to give a Mavrik Single Diamond a shot as those prices drop. If you’ve got one let me know. No headcover. $135 plus the cost of USPS priority shipping from NH (need zip). Sold. If you want any additional info DM me.
  5. Hey by chance would you have a measurement for an XD? Got someone telling me they have 7.5 inches from the tip to the T in TINI.
  6. If you don’t try you’ll never know. My guess is the lofts are not identical and that can be frustrating since you’re use to seeing your clubs go a certain distance.
  7. Do you remember the distance between your higher irons?
  8. This is just a fun thing I’m thinking about doing. There’d def be a break in period to get my distances back in order. But with everything equal, the distance between each club should be equal with 5° of loft between them right? Or would spin play a factor?
  9. Early extension could definitely be causing it. When you EE the plane of the club at impact will not be the same as set up. It should be more upright bringing the heal inward causing toe strikes.
  10. My clubs are getting older and I’m thinking about doing some loft tinkering. Here are my loft and lies: Thinking about bending the 4 to 20, 5 to 25, 7 to 30, and pulling the 6. Anyone see red flags? I’m thinking 5° of loft between each iron is fine. I never understood why gapping isn’t consistent throughout the set. Probably marketing to sell an additional club.
  11. I’ve got an EF double and triple diamond. I just traded my Sim2 because it just didn’t pop like those two do. That and the muted sound it just made me feel like I couldn’t hit it as far. In all reality they both went the same distances but it’s always those mental factors for me. You’re going to get support for both on here.
  12. Just before the 3 minute mark but the entire video is good. This helped me, maybe it will help you.
  13. Could be a number of things throughout your swing. With just this info I’d say set up as you normally would but with ball in the heal of the club. If you can get a front and down the line video of your swing there are smart people out here who will most likely take a look and offer assistance.
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