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  1. Son was never the longest kid. About two summers ago he found himself in the final round with two kids that just had graduated HS and were going to play D1. He was out driven all day. Sometimes by 50-75 yards. The kids weren't bad or good iron players so their app. to the hole was honestly about the same as his. His short game has always been good, but it was great this day and I think it got inside the other kids head. Still always been a firm believer short game is #1. Yes swing for the fences on the tee box, but short game can really save your round.
  2. Never ok to WD because of a bad score or scoring. If the player is WD'ing bc of scores then that's a discussion the parents and player can have at a later time. Example: if its an AJGA event and its the second day and you're on your way to a 104 but you wanna quit. That is your last AJGA event of the year I promise. Might be your last event of the year. Ask a college coach during the unofficial visit how many WD do you get per year? Coaches IMHO don't really wanna know how you respond when you are shooting 68-72. What do you look like when a round is upside down.
  3. Man you need to relax on this stuff a little. It's junior golf. It's just one aspect if you want you child to play college. What happens when they are at school and have to qualify each week for their spots. You going to be emailing the coach or asking about lucky bounces. "Alot of parents" don't care about rankings either.
  4. Non revenue meaning tickets and sport gear 100% agree. Do booster donate money for the kids scholarship? Yes Are the kids on full rides? No. What is the college giving up? Some merit and athletic money. Hours from the AD, ADA, trainers and compliance officers. Losing money? NO What is the college getting? Potential 10 kids that were never coming to that school. Total cost of attendance 28K. Schools gives 10K in Aid and scholarships. The school gets potential 10 scholars or even 20 counting if both a women's and men's team. That adds to the school over numbers of scholars in that division. Increases the school marketing. Lets face it better chance of getting golf kids with 3.5-4 GPA than football. Adds to the graduation % of that school.
  5. Yea. Mine is a little unique in being a Student athlete and then having ROTC requirements as well. Some days he says its a struggle to just do laundry and HW. His Tuesday as I mentioned he is getting into bed until after 10pm and thats starting the day around 4:50am. Never a party kid so i guess that helps.
  6. You might be going about the recruiting piece wrong. You are worried about "what ifs". There is a checklist you need to develop as a family. How far away from home. What might you major in - This might determine which schools Level of play Public vs Private You can probably come up with 50-60 schools within that. Then look at the current roster. Is there more than 2 spots for that year. Personally if there wasn't 3 2021 we didn't bother. How long has the coach been there. My first question during unofficial visits. How long do you plan on being here?
  7. Didn't you hate on D2 schools about 6 months ago? Honestly, there is a lot to digest in your posts. You have to be happy where you end up playing. The number 1 question your kids should ask themselves is " is this a place I can enjoy even without golf." Not will I lose my scholarship. I highly doubt another golfer will spill the beans on a program and give up all the inside secrets. Most people IMHO probably think college is high school again just a little harder. I can tell you my son's team has had issues with folks showing up to team lifts. Here is an overview of his schedule. He is on an ROTC scholarship kid and a Golf athletic scholarship. Monday is something like 2 classes in the morning. Practice 2:30-5. Usually range and as holes as possible Tuesday 600-0650 ROTC PT, 0700-0800 Golf PT, Laundry, Practice 2:30-5 - ROTC class 7-9:30pm off campus. Its a mile walk from the parking lot to his dorm. Wednesday 0600-0700 ROTC PT 2 classes in the morning. Practice 2:30-5 Thursday 600-0650 ROTC PT - 0700-0800 Golf PT - Practice 2:30-5 2 Online classes Friday 2 classes in the morning Practice 2:30-5 Saturday and Sunday Practice rounds. Homework. Usually student stuff. Laundry, groceries, etc.
  8. "I heard that a lot kids don't cut in college and get dropped after the 1st year / semester. Not sure the percentage but a few people told me it's a high number especially for girls. " Still nothing to do with losing the scholarship. This is when you as a family and player need to determine during the recruiting what are you looking for. Yes, I can get a book scholarship at U of Florida but I might not ever see the course. Does the coach envision me starting in my Junior year.? Son's coach told one kid dont look to start until Spring of Sophomore year if you develop and work on his game. To @Abh159point kids leave. This kid apparently thought the coach was BSing so he is transferring.
  9. Just seen my son yesterday after 6 weeks. He had to come home for a day for a doctor visit. I bet he has grown a 1/2 inch even at 18.
  10. My son will finally know this is me. I would consider my son a late bloomer. Basketball, baseball, and soccer up to 8 or so. Really great basketball kid. Older brother played basketball so he was doing behind the back & between the legs at 5-6. Loved flag football. Back to serious baseball when Bryce Harper made it to the bigs in 2012. He got really good and spent up to 2016 on varies travel teams playing short stop and catcher. Broke his wrist in 2016 during a playoff game. The week before fathers day. We played some golf as a new thing to have something to do instead of moping about not being able to play baseball. He basically just putted one handed for me. It was just a 9 hole course. Later that year 2016 and the next January 2017 decides he wants to start playing golf. Maybe he can make the high school team (I actually laugh in my head). At the start of May I think he was shooting maybe 65 from the mens tees (3200ishs). By end of July he broke 50 three times that week. You had to break 50 we heard to make the team. Originally again he just wanted to play on the high school team until he seen that baseball wasn't a thing for him anymore. During the summer of 2017 we played 18 a few times and he was shooting 120-130 from the women's tees. I think the next summer he broke 80 from the tips. He never had a lot of junior tournament experience. Played Regional, local, and some invitationals in the area. He is now at a Div 2 college playing golf.
  11. Daughters freshman year we avoided optional practice. The coach is a former student of the school I guess and an average golfer, but loves it. She would have optional practice that involved a family member giving the ladies swing advice. We always opted out. Son's Sophomore and junior year his coach would always throw in swing advice. He is a PGA Pro, but I swear he went from tearing it up in junior golf to losing his swing. Not 100% sure it was the coach or just he could see the finish line of a golf season and was ready for a break.
  12. High school golf over the different parts of the country isn't the same. Our District and Region teams have Teams A-C. Our High school only has one team (1 boy / 1 girl) with about 20 kids each. Last year a freshman beat out 5 Seniors. There is no JV unless you are playing Football, basketball, FH, LAX, etc.
  13. It was a thing on some tours here in VA during Covid 2020. There were no rakes and the bunkers were a mess.
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