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  1. I run a SIM GOLF discord channel if you wanna join and ask questions about simulators. We have about 100 members.
  2. This is true. It was just a passing thought. The school system is virtual probably until my daughter graduates. If we had elementary kids they would be in private system right now. I talk to each of my high schoolers and non wanted to move. I wouldnt do IMG. There is another IMG like place here in VA. I probably would have sent him. He has two offers from NAIA schools, so now its just a matter of which one is the best fit.
  3. thought about moving the son to IMG in Florida. Mom said no.
  4. Its getting to that point. They will put a lot of pressure on kids to commit once its lifted. Son is probably going NAIA. He is in talks with 5 schools now. We just can't wait for the NCAA.
  5. Depends on the child. I would ask if the child has college aspirations or is it parent driven (in general terms). No matter what grade IMHO. If the kids doesn't want it. It will not matter. We had a young man from nearby that play for UVA. Here are his stats. Amateur & Junior Golf Notes • Ranked the No. 82 by the AJGA when he signed with Virginia • Top ranked Virginia State Junior for the Class of 2014 • One of three Juniors to make cut at 2014 VSGA State Open • Top five finish in 2014 VSGA Jr. Stroke Play and top-10 finish in 2014 VSGA Junior Match
  6. And next on the tee Heavy Jr. BTW son have you or family in the past 14 days experienced any of the following? Fever or chills •had symptoms of acute respiratory illness □Cough □Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing □Fatigue □Muscle or body aches □Headache □New loss of taste or smell □Sore throat □Congestion or runny nose □Nausea or vomiting Have you traveled out of state. NO to all. Ok Young man swing away.
  7. find a course nearby with a junior and junior members. Golfing kids need golfing buddies. Daughter gets all of her playing partners socials and phone number after a round. They dont have to be BFF, but golfers need golfers.
  8. Next event should be the Corales Championship with that finish.
  9. I have to be honest. I'm glad the high school was put on hold for us. It has always come right in the middle of Junior golf. The coach has the kids practicing everyday. The last two years it has left my son exhausted (practice, invitational, junior golf). This year he has only had to worry about his own tournament schedule. My daughter (Whoa). Usually the girls team is a social exercise and fun. A lot of 9 hole matches. The coach as well has them practicing, but there is no structure. Without high school she has excelled. She played her first 36-hol
  10. Our season is getting compressed into spring here in VA. As long as they can play football no one really cares about golf.
  11. Dad? Yes Son. I'm not sure what happen on the fifth hole. Me thinking. You hit the driver through the fairway. Then tried a 7 iron from 175 out of the thick rough. Into a bunker that was short sided. You tried to get it within 2 feet. You bladed it. Its now in the other bunker. Three more shots from there. Yea kid I'm not sure.
  12. 100% agree. Some future stars haven't even picked up a club at 10. I would even say 13-14 year olds. My son's best golf friend was going to be the next best thing out of high school. He was big and strong. He got wrapped into girls and smoking. Was shooting low 70s. He never plays and hasnt improved. Feed the passion if it's there and only if its there. Never force. 3 years ago. Daughter was 12? Only golf for her was driving the cart. Now I can't get her to stop playing. Every week its "Can I do another tournament?" One weekend off since beginning of May
  13. I was thinking the samething when I seen this thread again. Def the muscle between his ears. Thinks he can solve everything on the range and never plays. Honestly, I've learned to stop wasting my breathe.
  14. Multiple day tournaments for sure just work on not grinding like its a 9 holer. You will be worn by the morning of the second day. You have to stay patience and the birdies will come. Limit the damage if the storm clouds gather.
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