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  1. 100% agree. Daughter has been emailed and called by more Div 2 coaches at this point than my son at any point. She isn't even trying to get recruited (TBH).
  2. Finally a teenager with her licenses and live scoring. No more rounds within an hour for me.
  3. If he likes to read I would suggest this one. "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" Helped my son. He would often get frustrated. I hope you guys are still playing into your 80s.
  4. And using it after a round late into the night. Ours has been a god send to my game personally.
  5. "Also people forget using a launch monitor every day is a good way to destroy your game. " How so?
  6. We've had a GC2 since 2018. Been playing TGC then TGC 2019 since. We had JNPG when it was out. Been on GSPRO during their Beta and recently brought it. Son prefers GSPRO. Mainly he is on the range and playing TPC Scottsdale. @heavy_hitterI wouldn't disagree about A. I think the problem you run into is constantly chasing numbers. We had an HMT and I was constantly immediately looking at it and drove me crazy. I was ready to sell it. Playing with just the GC2 again. I work on the ball speed, backspin and side axis. Might be that I am a numbers and engineering guy.
  7. We get this every year probably like alot of folks. I’d like to personally invite you to join me and D1 college coaches at Next Level Golf Camp in San Diego, CA on July 15-17, 2022. College coaches attending include Coach Vargas from Univ. of Arizona, Coach Brewer from Univ. of Georgia, Coach Donovan from San Diego State Univ. and many more! Spots are limited! Registration and details are available at: https://www.nextlevelgolfcamps.com/san-diego-camp.cfm. Check out this video to learn more about the camp experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnRZUQX8QXU. I look forward to seeing you at Next Level Golf Camp! Regards, Andy Crabtree
  8. My 2 cents would be when looking at schools for recruiting you can control the number 1,2,3,4. Whether that's distance, academics, and/or golf. Once the grind starts its: #1 Academics - Without it nothing else matter. - Not eligible. Golf doesn't matter #2 Golf - Arranging your practice (individual) with study groups or class projects. - Working with academics (weekend classes or class projects) if there are weekend activities ( tournaments / team qualify / Practice) # 3 Team workouts - Being there every session # Others - Laundry - Eating - Social - Sleep That being said my oldest had no desires to play college sports. He lived at home and attend an A10 school. He was more interested in traveling overseas for study aboard. Second is an NCAA golfer and wanted this all of his HS career. He wanted to be within driving distance from home. A medium size school 8000+ People but not seeing the same people everyday. He is within a few minutes of the golf facilities. The Athletics office is able to place the team into classes that fit within the coaches practice schedule. Certain classes he didn't get to pick. Youngest if she wants to play wants to get away from home so we can't see her without a plane ticket.
  9. B*ll$hit Flag being raised. I work for the largest company in my IT sector and your claim is false!
  10. If there are any doubts as well see an ortho and even a PT. Daughter was having major knee issues last fall. She quit playing for a month because of the pain. We got MCL or something probably. Went to a great knee ortho. Two actually couldn't find anything. Seen a PT and discovered she was rotating on her left side. The right was the taking the worst of it.
  11. Hopefully, Shooter is on the payroll at JGS and we can get a ruling. Miss that dude!
  12. Re-Read. Yes (as in yes you would avoid it) - If its a crap course and they are charging $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for it. No (as in no you wouldn'y avoid it) - It's it hard and will affect my rankings. Then the golfer is a vanity. Learn to hold a cut against 20 mph winds. So Saturday sunny and 75 perfect conditions. Sunday 65 and 2 inches of rain. Kids being pulled? Can't affect the rankings, right?
  13. Bottom Line @tiger1873tell a "Top 20" Div 1 as a freshman this tournament doesn't fit you or you will avoid it. Yes - If its a crap course and they are charging $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for it. No - It's it hard and will affect my rankings. Then the golfer is a vanity. Learn to hold a cut against 20 mph winds. Yes - Bad experience with the tournament director. No - To many hills or narrow fairways.
  14. It's the same argument. You see only one side. They won an AJGA event. OK. They are ranked 1234. Sure What is their GPA/SAT and Class ranking. She wants to play at Notre Dame. Does she have the grades for ND? Is their expectations to high? Is there a spot at their "dream school" There are so many factors.
  15. Full context as well: I said. "Rankings are meaningless. It's that nice to have certificate from work type thing. There are so many factors when it comes to recruiting. " My main thing is rankings alone will not get you recruited unless you are a blue chip type kid. There are many other factors as you are aware having gone through the process.
  16. There is the top 5% of kids that coaches will come after. These are the kids at the top of the AJGA rankings or JGS top 50. The rest of the kids there is a spot for you to golf. Plenty of spots. Your son being 12 it's a early to discuss majors. Biggest focus right now are grades, grades, and grades. 8-9 grade he can do some SAT or ACT prep. Hopefully, around this time he will have a idea of what he might to study or atleast a general area. I would map out 2 hour 4 hour and 6 hour ranges. Determine schools in those rings and get all the coach contact you can find. Each school has a athletic site with at least the email. Schools will be deleted and added to the list. I would keep it around 50 or so. Eventually you will get to a point later in High school when the coach starts talking athletic money, spots, and admission is talking merit money. Your son will have to weigh the entire package. Here are two of my son's examples: School 1: 5000K merit 2000k Athletic 1000K general scholarship - 4 hours from home - Major Coach is PGA member and dedicated to the school. Course is a Country Club and they can keep their clubs in lockers. Only requirement is to call ahead for tee time. School 2: 10K merit - 2 hours from home - Major Coach is a public school teacher. Coaches part time 3 courses all public with designated playing times. You can always DM me.
  17. My daughter has played basically to keep up with her brother and she has a few good friends from the girls team. She has Div 2 interest but no interest in them.
  18. Red Notice Don't look up Cobra Kai Ozark ClickBait True Story You Outer Banks Bruised Intrusion Virgin River I usually watch something at night while in Bed. Helps me sleep.
  19. College scholarships are not about rankings!! Kids have to market themselves. If not you are just another golfer with a 73.5 scoring avg / 1450 SAT / 3.9 GPA and ranked within the top 1000. Coaches get these kids emails constantly. Worrying about which course and tournament is ranked the best is worthless. The ranking is just one little nugget in the marketing campaign.
  20. 2.5 is laundry and study. Social is maybe a slice of pizza. I think the most social my son did this past fall was before their first round of a tournament. The whole team was in the coach's room having a putting contest.
  21. Rankings is not the end all. Rankings alone will not get you a scholarship. Rankings alone will not get you past admissions. Being great in junior golf doesn't translate to collegiate golf.
  22. This is spot on. My son hates their qualifying course when the weather is bad. No roll out. Puddles everywhere. Conference Championship. It's not like you can WD cause the weather s**ks. Practice round day it was 81. The final sunday in October its was windy and 51. My daughter loves the dog tracks and crappy weather. She knows most girls don't like it so it was a perfect day she might get beat. On Rainy and crappy days she is bringing home the gold.
  23. We did it for one year my son's sophomore year. It was nice being able to tell the coaches exactly where he ranked in VA and within his class. Going through it with my daughter I don't see the need.
  24. Both of my golfers take time off from golf. I think it really depends on the kid. My son has been doing it since freshman year of high school. He is on break from college and last played in early november. He says its nice to focus on other things as well. You can't be golf 100%. I don't think that means the kids hate golf.
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