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  1. Why do you kept saying this. "Most" Most juniors are lucky to hit the green 9 times so there is a lot room for improvement. Why do you think everyone says they need a wedge in their hand. Do you mean the kids you are watching, what? What age group are you talking about? High level boys 50% GIR is below average. "The worse the lie you have the harder it is to hit it well. A club from a flat lie in the fairway is always better then a sloped buried ball in the rough. If your going to miss the fairway it better not be a bad place. " Depends on how
  2. You said: Juniors are not very good ball strikers period. The people who hit the ball the best win a lot tournaments. I said: Most I see pure the ball over and over. I understand there is misses, but to say juniors arent good ball strikers IMHO is inaccurate.
  3. What junior are you watching? Most I see pure the ball over and over.
  4. and to add on. Watch a strong kid (athletic) power through the rough. Watch a kid with that 6 iron only manage a knuckle out. Then he is still probably 100 yards away.
  5. Walked to many times with first time parents. "So my son is only used to playing from whites and today it's the blues." Me: What yardage is he used to playing from. Them: The whites.
  6. @Bay Area HackI think to Heavy's point. You always need to discuss course in relation to yardages, slope, and rating. Son play from the tips here over the summer. Which isn't the same as the tips here.
  7. Since everyone always says TPI TPI. We have to remember as well you should have a TPI assessment which is a 16-point physical screen, which is a comprehensive of strength, mobility, and functional movement patterns specific to the golf swing. Not all golfer have the same mobility. What might work for your son or daughter might not work for mine. You should also really ensure you find someone that truly understands what an exercise is suppose to do and the muscles it trains. The last thing you want is to train all winter and lose 5 MPH of SS.
  8. I personally believe NAIA schools will benefit from COVID. There has been no dead period. The top 25 programs are deep with talent. Kids in search of athletic money will find it. School in the AAC conference players are averaging like 74 to crack the top 5.
  9. That was beautiful! Kids love driving the cart with grandpa. Even my daughter at 15 on the goofy days still loves being a that little 9 yo kid inside. We went golfing for my birthday (just her and I) she got to drive the cart. The way she drives I thought for sure a few times it was going to be my last day.
  10. Mine are usually October - February. We might go out if there is a warm day in December or January.
  11. counter proposal? You can WD son. Just a thought though. The next time I have a work emergency or something I need to do. I might need to WD you have from an event. wink wink
  12. Preach! All the members would try and try to get my son to use the bump and run. Meanwhile he throws daggers with his trusty 60.
  13. Can you repost this and put it in all CAPS. The fact that an 8 year old wants to play golf is amazing in its own right.
  14. Playing on a 6100 yard course. Your kids were would be toast. Also, the level is that much better? Really? 6 of the top 50 boys are from Washington DC metro area. 3 from Florida. The level of golf would be a lot better here if we didn't have to wait from November - March.
  15. Daughter has played in 3 PKB tournaments that the noodle was cut to high. The ball had to die at the cup in order to go in. All three girls missed their putts.
  16. Problem we face in the Middle Atlantic and Northeast is we aren't Florida, Texas, or Arizona. To many coaches and parents laugh at our scores here. A golfer shooting 73 on a 73.4/139 @ 6900 yards, but its not a 70. In my limited experience Florida courses as a whole play shorter and the slopes are less. Weather is a factor here as well. I would welcome any Florida golfer into the Northern VA, PA, Ohio area and see how they hold up.
  17. issue was the second day. He was fine day 1.
  18. I wouldn't discount the NAIA. Alot of teams specifically in the AAC conference are really strong. I bet 50% of those teams would steam roll lower level Div 1 schools.
  19. As a parent of a 2021 grad. "It also might not be as bad as everyone is thinking." It's as bad as you think and then some. He was already late to golf, so also any spot in NCAA 1 and 2 is gone. They're a couple of Div 2 school, but NAIA has been his saving grace.
  20. Honestly son has three shakes a day. He has gained so much muscle and strength. Before the driver was swinging him but now he has more SS. We tried the speed sticks last winter, but they really threw off his swing. One word of caution about juniors working out. Make sure they are working the right things. Its actually possible to work out all winter and slow down your rotation swing. One of the biggest concerns/questions I have with college coaches. Their strength and conditioning are usually new graduates and not might be familiar with golf
  21. You probably want to tour a tour truck sometime.
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