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  1. Hi I've recently found my old sonocaddie xv2 device which still works but I can't find the cable. I contacted the company who wanted to charge a fortune for a replacement. Does anyone know what the port connection is on this device so I can look to see if there is an alternative cable I can source more cheaply? Or does anyone know of an alternative supplier (I'm in the UK)? Looking at the port, and other images on Google my first thoughts were that it might be a USB 2.0 type b 4 pin as the connector looks similar to how I remember it but I'm not sure as in the port on the device itself
  2. I know exactly what you mean........I also struggled to understand this concept at first. The "feeling" is that the set of the club at the top of the backswing is maintained for as long as possible through the transition and downswing. You need to actively resist hitting down with the arms. You keep everything in this set position and simply turn left. You'd think by holding these angles, you'd never get the club down to ball but the centrifugal force created as your left arm is "flung" off your chest as your upper body turns left, releases the club naturally. You can't stop it if you pi
  3. Sonartec HB-001 for me. Best hybrid ever IMO.
  4. Was 33" but recently cut it down to just under 32". At 33" I still had a slight need to brace my elbows to keep the putter off the ground. I cut another inch or so off and now my arms hang totally naturally.
  5. I had chance to hit both the 52's and 62's today. It was difficult to draw too many conclusions about the feel as I was hitting off a mat into a net, using rock balls. I had no golf glove and was wearing flip-flops too so wasn't exactly swinging normally! What I will say is that they both look beautiful. The 52's were surprisingly good. Better looking than the 57's IMO, especially at address, and definately had an edge of forgiveness that you wouldn't expect from the look of them. The 62's looked even better. Probably the best looking Mizuno iron i've seen. The trouble is, the mp60 i
  6. Try here.............. http://www.pgatour.com/swingplex/
  7. I've got a Sonocaddie and have found it be excellent. Got it from ebay for £100 so much cheaper than most GPS devices but it's more than adequate. No annual fee, great customer service, lots of courses mapped. Definately one to consider. Have a search on here as there was a huge thread about this device a while ago which has lots of great info.
  8. Slice? Hogansfan?..........opinions greatly appreciatedHi Guys, Been lurking for a while and digesting a lot of the great info posted here. I am about 2/3 of the way through the "Slicefixer document" and have found it to be a fantastic resource. Thanks to Slicefixer for these insights and to whoever put them all together. I have been working on a more rotary swing but since reading the info from the Slicefixer document I have tried to augment what I've been doing and incorperate some of the things Slice talks about. I am a UK 11 hcp but last week after practicing the things i've been reading
  9. I've only just got my Superquad so haven't had much time to play around yet but I'm currently using 1-12-12-2 Basically the high launch setting but for some reason it felt a bit better with a 2g in place of the 1g.
  10. This is such a coincidence as i've just cracked the face on my r5 TP this morning after hitting it on the driving range in very cold conditions (1-2* C). I think without doubt there is a risk of failures in these cold temps.
  11. I recently bought a Sonocaddie and my home course was satellite mapped. I was skeptical but when I used it, I found it to be surprisingly accurate. So far i've only found 2 reference points which i've felt needed to be amended and these were both less than 5 yards out. One was a fairway bunker and one was the back of a green. It has given me confidence to trust the device on a new course as I think the satellite mapping is accurate enough. Obviously it is better to have a course mapped in person but even in this situation there is still some subjectivity in the mapping points. For the pr
  12. I really like this club but would definately agree with the comments about the shaft being stout. My SS is about 100 mph ish with the driver and I find this shaft to be pretty hard to load. It's stable but I don't feel I get everything out of it. I love the head though so I'm thinking about re-shafting it with something like a VS proto or NVS even.
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