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  1. Any reason for why a lesson a week would be too much? Not enough time in between to absorb what your learning?
  2. Guess I’m kind of fishing for compliments here, but anyways kind of wanted to share my experience so far and have a few questions for how I can improve. Gifted some lessons on my birthday from the old man, used to play as a young kid 8-11, probably 2 times a month. But was never anything special. Finally, as I’ve hit my early twenties and competitive days are over as a former college athlete, golf is the only sport where I can scratch my competitive itch. It’s safe to say I’ve got the bug and have become addicted to improving. I’ve always watched and been a huge fan of the
  3. Maltby DBM in the matte black are so sweet, can’t go wrong, built my self a set 4-GW and don’t know if I’d switch irons for a very long time. As a relatively newer player, this was my first real set I bought new. They’re a great offering for those looking for something forgiving while still getting a nice sleek look similar to a players iron.
  4. 3-GW or 4-GW. Still looking. $300 budget.
  5. Just did the same thing. Mine got here Friday last week. What a steal in my opinion.
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