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  1. Exactly, just came here to do research because something told me it might not be authentic.
  2. Sold to me by a member here after posting ad on WTB.
  3. Everything... Driver 909D2-> RBZ Black 3-Wood 909f-> RBZ Irons FlyZ Pro-> Maltby DBM forged Black Wedges-> new vokeys Putter Spider Mini-> White Hot OG 1ws
  4. booked hawks landing for a couple weeks from now. Any word on this course? Its on my resort property, looked pretty nice from what i saw online.
  5. jt19723

    White Hot OG?!

    Anyone playing one of these new models on tour?
  6. jt19723

    White Hot OG?!

    Probably a little more face balanced with the 1ws.
  7. jt19723

    White Hot OG?!

    Picked up the 1WS.
  8. Attached a thread which is a backstory to where I started, my scorecards, and where I have improved in the past month. I'm not willing to post my swing on here directly, but to those of you who are willing I can send them through PM and hopefully get some feedback there. All your help is much appreciated! Let me know if you're willing to help out, take a look at my swing progression, and maybe throw me a few tips and pointers.
  9. Way better off spending money on lessons. I went through 2 sets of irons thinking my hand me down irons were too difficult and old to play. Got me some lessons from a very reputable golf school, and dropped about 15 -20 strokes off my game. Now shooting consistently under 95 in about 3-4 weeks. Spent the left over cash on some Maltby DBM forged irons in black built them to my desired specs (grips, shaft), and couldn't be happier. Get lessons then clubs. I know I wont be spending a lot on clubs until I reach 85 consistently, its just not worth it and it won't cover up for your flaws.
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