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  1. Exactly, just came here to do research because something told me it might not be authentic.
  2. Sold to me by a member here after posting ad on WTB.
  3. Everything... Driver 909D2-> RBZ Black 3-Wood 909f-> RBZ Irons FlyZ Pro-> Maltby DBM forged Black Wedges-> new vokeys Putter Spider Mini-> White Hot OG 1ws
  4. booked hawks landing for a couple weeks from now. Any word on this course? Its on my resort property, looked pretty nice from what i saw online.
  5. jt19723

    White Hot OG?!

    Anyone playing one of these new models on tour?
  6. jt19723

    White Hot OG?!

    Probably a little more face balanced with the 1ws.
  7. jt19723

    White Hot OG?!

    Picked up the 1WS.
  8. Attached a thread which is a backstory to where I started, my scorecards, and where I have improved in the past month. I'm not willing to post my swing on here directly, but to those of you who are willing I can send them through PM and hopefully get some feedback there. All your help is much appreciated! Let me know if you're willing to help out, take a look at my swing progression, and maybe throw me a few tips and pointers.
  9. Way better off spending money on lessons. I went through 2 sets of irons thinking my hand me down irons were too difficult and old to play. Got me some lessons from a very reputable golf school, and dropped about 15 -20 strokes off my game. Now shooting consistently under 95 in about 3-4 weeks. Spent the left over cash on some Maltby DBM forged irons in black built them to my desired specs (grips, shaft), and couldn't be happier. Get lessons then clubs. I know I wont be spending a lot on clubs until I reach 85 consistently, its just not worth it and it won't cover up for your flaws.
  10. Thanks for all the input. A lot of valuable advice here! Does anyone have a set practice schedule or plan? What are some things to focus on in order to get the most out of your lessons, especially when you bring it to the range by yourself? I figure based on my schedule I can play 2 times a week and find range time at least 3 days a week for an hour to 2 hours. If you had that availability to the game how would you divide your time as far as aspects of your game you’d spend on improving? At times I feel like I swing my best on the course, when I go to the range and work on chipping for example, I’m taking aspects of the chip shot and it affects my technique when I go hit my irons, I’ll have my mishits and then immediately have to reset use my drills and then I am able to find success again. Maybe I’m working on too many things when I go to the range.
  11. Any reason for why a lesson a week would be too much? Not enough time in between to absorb what your learning?
  12. Guess I’m kind of fishing for compliments here, but anyways kind of wanted to share my experience so far and have a few questions for how I can improve. Gifted some lessons on my birthday from the old man, used to play as a young kid 8-11, probably 2 times a month. But was never anything special. Finally, as I’ve hit my early twenties and competitive days are over as a former college athlete, golf is the only sport where I can scratch my competitive itch. It’s safe to say I’ve got the bug and have become addicted to improving. I’ve always watched and been a huge fan of the sport and finally decided to take it seriously. Up until about a little over a month ago I’ve probably played on average 1-2 rounds a year. Hacking around with friends or my dad on the course, I always got frustrated and thought golf was the one sport I couldn’t get pretty good at. Been playing about twice a week with some range time and tracking my scores. 1st round before my first lesson I shot in the 120s super inconsistent iron play, strength as far as distance is concerned off the tee but huge slice on about half my drives. Skulling balls over the green. You name it. Played my 5th and 6th round this week and broke 50, with a 48 through 9 on a decently difficult course and then followed that up and posted a 97 through 18 this morning. This all after 2 lessons in between playing and hitting the range once a week to drill what I’ve been working on. Local pro who I’ve been working with has been super impressed with my natural swing and overall athleticism, says I can make adjustments in 5-10 mins during a lesson where it would take the average golfer 3-4 lessons to correct. Didn’t want to change too much besides my setup in first lesson and just wanted to build consistency. My main flaw is coming over the top a bit. But in general iron play has been absolutely gorgeous, great ball flight, hitting greens, and much more consistency overall. Where I struggle now is off the tee and around the greens. Still get the occasional skull issue, but have worked on using my PW for bump and run, and have stayed away from the 60 degree and the 54 unless I’m in the bunker. What are some things I can work on at the range to fix the slice issue off the tee, and short game? Lessons are pricey and don’t plan on taking them once a week forever. I really like setting goals for my self, how realistic is it for me to break 90 with in a few months, and consistently shoot in the 80s, maybe break 80 in a year?
  13. Maltby DBM in the matte black are so sweet, can’t go wrong, built my self a set 4-GW and don’t know if I’d switch irons for a very long time. As a relatively newer player, this was my first real set I bought new. They’re a great offering for those looking for something forgiving while still getting a nice sleek look similar to a players iron.
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