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  1. I'm in Australia so stock could be different here. Local store has a set for $1,450 AUD ($1,050 USD).
  2. I would like a little more forgiveness; I liked everything about the Forged except that the spin was so low and I wasn't a fan of the feel or looks of the HMB. It sounds like MMC is exactly what I'm looking for. What was the size/looks comparison at address comparing MMC to Tour and T100? Thanks for your feedback.
  3. I currently play JPX 919 Tour however the MP-20 MMC can be had for cheap right now with the 22x series about to release. Has anyone hit and compared these two irons. I won’t be able to test the MMC before buying.
  4. They’re gorgeous. They’ve nailed the looks to blend models. Those T200 are stunning.
  5. I saw a preview of some new irons coming out from Miura. They look like bigger CB than the TC-201 or CB-301. Does anyone have any info on these?
  6. Mizuno JPX 919T w/ Modus 120 S. Going into Miura TC201 w/ MCA MMT 105S at some point this year.
  7. One of the best bags and club hoes on tour, Abraham Ancer, was a Nike staffer. I’m always interested in what Ancer, Fleetwood and Koepka are playing.
  8. In a post below, provide the following... What’s is your current shaft/driver combination? Taylormade M6 (10.5*) - Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6S @ 44”What is your current handicap? 20.4Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Perth, Western Australia, AustraliaWhat driver (brand/model/loft) will you be installing this in? Taylormade M6 (10.5*)If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. YesDesired driver shaft weight and flex. 60g StiffPlease include any tipping instructions and OEM adapter (if applicable). Butt trimmed to 44” length, Taylormade adapterPlease briefly explain how you would approach testing this shaft. With similar launch and spin characteristics, same weight and flex to my current shaft, I’d be interested to see how a different bend profile has to strike/impact and timing.
  9. liamw

    WGC Mexico

    I’ll be going for Abraham Ancer. Best bag on tour and home tournament.
  10. Not sure why I waited so long. Took them out yesterday and shot my best score for the year. My irons was the best part of my game. My putting left a lot to be desired.
  11. new club anxiety is a real thing. however 1/4 inch shorter and the feel is different. What did ya get PING's ?Went from P790's w/DG 105'S to Mizuno 919 Tours w/Nippon NSM T120. The Mizzy's are oh so soft and the shafts so smooth but about a club shorter than the P790's.
  12. How long after getting new irons do you wait until you put them in play? My new irons are 1/4" shorter than my previous, different shafts and heads. Taken them to the range a couple weeks now; it could be psychological but my swing feels different between the two sets and although I'm hitting them well, there's something familiar with my old set that gives me a little bit more confidence. This is the first time I've changed irons.
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