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  1. I know there are a couple latex options and a friend of mine always found them pleasurable. Maybe someone can weight in?
  2. Agreed. It has a Miura KM-008 vibe to it. No surprise that Chip Ursher at Black Lab has has offered custom Miura wedges for a long time.
  3. Thanks. Happy to provide additional photos of all of the putters in high resolution. I think smaller sizes worked better for the ad. The BB8C and the Black Lab are 10/10 without blemishes. iNOAVi, Rife, and Moore have all been gamed but are still in great shape.
  4. It is finally time to decrease some of the putters that do not see any bag time. Let me know if you have any questions or need additional photos. Open to trades. Interested in a 35" Two Ball 10 Tour Lined but open to offers. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Black Lab Golf BL 360 - 34.5" - $300 SOLD Purchased new from Black Lab Golf / Chip Usher. Has about 3 rounds on it with ghost tape covering the sole. Could pass as new 10/10. Not a single stamp on this putter. Feels great and rolls the ball well. Has a tour SNSR contour pro grip. Sun Mountain blackout leather h
  5. If you hit 18 greens it is total fine!
  6. Seems like that happens a lot here. When a putter looks good a lot of people buy it and it doesn’t work for everyone. Similar to all the odyssey two ball tens that are popping up. Wrx is gonna putter ho.
  7. 1. National Custom Works 2. Logan Olsen 3. Tyson Lamb 4. Cody James 5. Kevin Burns
  8. Give putts until 15 or 16. Then watch people grind over three footers.
  9. If you have two putters you don't have one. A big part of putting is confidence, switching between two putters because you aren't good with one or the other from a certain distance does not promote confidence in either putter.
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