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  1. I guess Waverly is out of the running as well:) ha ha and the fact that they don't just let anyone in ;-)
  2. Additionally, other private courses which were on my initial list but I crossed out : Rock Creek - too wet in winter (and too dry in summer !) Reserve - too wet Portland Country Club - too expensive !
  3. Hi Mallrat, thanks for all your feedback - it has been informative. I have scheduled followup rounds at Pumpkin to further evaluate it and will keep you posted on my findings.
  4. My expectations are not getting close to Bandon conditions but close to Langdon farms (CECC would be asking for too much !) A. But I hear that CECC and Langdon farms went through this same process about a number of years ago which made a big difference. B. Yes, actual underground drainage system in key areas would be the next step - I have no idea if they would do this although they hinted at it (which means most likely no or bare minimum) C. Of course, all this can only take it so far as there are limitations due to the lay of the land I am hoping for it to become much better than Reserve and get closer to Langdon
  5. Thanks for all the replies. My response to all the feedback and ideas :- 1. Yes, I did try out Royal Oaks and Willamette Valley - both have great drainage 2. I had decided on CECC as it was BEST combo of drainage, course layout and travel time. 3. I don't want to go further beyond CECC - as its ALREADY pretty far : 30 mins on good day, 40+ on average and 60+ on bad day !! 4. Before settling on CECC, I had completed ruled out Pumpkin because everyone had said its a swamp. 5. So the reason Pumpkin is attractive to me is due to the fact that its SO close - 20 min ride - pretty much guaranteed at all times, which means I would be able to play it a lot even during the weekdays! 6. I guess what I am looking for is the feedback from fellow golfers regarding the "trend" - if the course drainage has continuously improved over the last few years then I can look forward to course improving even further over the next few years. Please give feedback.
  6. I moved from North East last year and I am looking to join a private golf club - I am looking at playing whole year round as winters here are like fall of North East ! I am deciding between Pumpkin Ridge and Columbia Edgewater. I am looking for feedback from golfers who have played Pumpkin on regular basis over the last few years specially the private course - golfers who are members of Pumpkin or non-members who have played as guests. I have read threads regarding golf membership and water drainage issues and course conditions of Portland golf courses. Based on this info I had originally shortlisted the clubs to Columbia Edgewater and Willamette Valley - and had finalized my decision to join Columbia Edgewater as its the best combination of drainage, course layout and time of travel. Ideally I would have loved to join Willamette Valley Golf Club which is the best combo of drainage and course layout - but the time travel is far more than CECC But last month, I decided to check out Pumpkin just so as a comparison measurement against CECC and I was surprised with course conditions. Checking on threads in this forum, I have found that ALL the information regarding Pumpkin is outdated. Ever since ownership changed to Escalante at Pumpkin 3 years ago, they have hired a new superintendent and started a program of sanding to improve the drainage. According to staff this has made a big difference to playability. They have put more effort and sand on the private course for obvious reasons and hence the private has improved much more than the public. So I would like to hear the feedback regarding the private course.
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