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  1. Second the Mavrik max. Only thing I didn’t like about it was the overall weight feeling on the lighter side.
  2. Just two items for sale today. I picked this up because it doesn’t look my fitted driver will be arriving anytime soon, so I picked this up last week on the BST to use in the meantime. However, it just isn’t working out. Would like to do a straight trade for another driver, but will also take trades of lesser value plus cash. Looking for 10.5 - 12* with a stiff or regular flex shaft. I’m pretty open at the moment, so just PM me with any offers you have. 1.) Mizuno ST-Z 10.5*- *It does have a very hard to notice sky mark on the leading crown, which I tried to capture in the pictures*. Has 5g of hotmelt added forward neutral by the previous owner. Stock weight in the rear. Was told driver head weight with the adapter is 208g. Shafted with a tensei pro orange 60 S that plays right around 45.75in. Came out to D6 with the shaft installed. Shaft alone measures 44.25in. Has a faded adapter installed along with a golf pride tour velvet +4 standard that has been used once. Comes with headcover and wrench. As stated, would prefer to trade but complete club head $SOLD, shaft $TRADED Shipped CONUS 2.) Project x lz 4 iron shaft- pulled from a set of miura cb 1008. I never used the 4 iron so the grip (lamkin crossline black standard) is in great shape. $50 shipped CONUS Please PM with any questions or offers. Thanks!
  3. Mid-season woes are in full effect. Thus, some stuff needs to be unloaded to turn the summer around. See pictures for shaft lengths. Everything includes shipping CONUS and PayPal fees. Will ship to Canada with extra shipping charges. Please PM with questions or for more pictures. Thanks for looking! (Fuji Speeder evo v not for sale at this time) Trade interests: Callaway epic max 12 degree driver head. Bettinardi BB0 wizard or fat cat 1.) Ping g410 10.5 with VA nemesys 55 four (stiff) shaft: this has been my gamer the past 1.5 seasons. I was recently fit for an epic max but the numbers were similar so I thought I’d stick with the ping for a little longer. However, I’m just wanting to try something new now. Great combo with the VA nemesys. Plays to 45 inches with a golf pride +4 standard grip. Grip will likely need to be replaced soon. Some tee marks on the sole but crown and face clean. Headcover included but no wrench. Head $SOLD. 2.) Fuji Speeder Evo III 569 S: TM adapter installed with a pretty much brand new golf pride new decade mc grip installed. $SOLD 3.) Fuji Ventus Blue with velocore 5S- callaway adapter installed with a golf pride new decade mc grip installed. Grip has a little more wear than the speeder but has life left in it. $SOLD 4.) Project x lz 4-iron shaft. I had this pulled from a miura cb 1008 4 iron. Has a lamkin crossline standard black grip installed. Grip is in pretty good condition as I never used the 4-iron. $50
  4. Thanks for chiming in and even including some pictures, OutGolfing. I especially appreciate the part about avoiding the Speed Racer lane. World woods looks really neat. It honestly came down to playing either world woods or streamsong due to how our vacation is planned. However, I may try to talk the wife into adding in an extra day to play world woods PB as it seems completely worth it (in my eyes). I haven’t heard of the Esplande course but I looked it after reading your post and it has some great reviews. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Ritz is going to be an option this time around as hotel prices keep climbing. Have any of you played the course at Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country club? I know it’s private but I hear they open tee times to the public at the beginning of June.
  5. Hahaha that’s just a tough situation. But it does say a lot about the course that you enjoyed it even though not playing your best. I’ve read that commander is the more challenging of the two but is the more fun course. Thanks for the insight!
  6. Have a few items for sale because they’ve been replaced. Looking to sell mainly as I don’t have anything of interest regarding trades. All prices are OBO and shipped USPS priority. 1.) Miura cb 1008/mc 501 combo heads (cb 4-7/mc 8-pw) - I purchased these from the bay last year and played them for half a season. I then sold them to a wrx member who used them for 5-6 rounds, I believe. I was then struck with seller’s remorse so I then asked to purchase them back from said wrx member. I played 2 indoor simulator rounds with them, and now they’re back on the selling block again because I finally found a set of mb 001. These are standard loft and lie but will need to be checked for certainty. 7 iron does have a nic that has been there since I’ve owned them. Clubs are in good used condition that are just all-around Miura goodness. $SOLD shipped 2.) Taylormade M6 7 wood with AD IZ 7 stiff- purchased from eBay from a seller who said he ordered it from his local pro shop. The face and leading edge definitely aren’t in the best of shape but still produces a penetrating ball flight that can still hold greens. Plays a touch over 42 inches. No headcover included $SOLD shipped 3.) Diamana ZF 50 stiff- I purchased this from a wrx member a few months ago. Great shaft just had trouble timing it up with my swing so I decided to go with a Ventus blue instead. Has a Callaway adapter and a pretty new grey golf pride mcc +4 standard. $SOLD shipped 4.) Fujikura Speeder Evo III 569 stiff- purchased from a wrx member a little over a month ago and tried it for one range session in the sim max. Very smooth shaft but got better numbers from the Mavrik max/Ventus combo. Taylormade adapter and newish red golf pride mc standard grip. $90 shipped 5.) Sim Max 10.5- I purchased this a few months ago as well from a wrx member. The face is not in prestine condition by any means but the top line and sole are in good shape. No head cover. $SOLD shipped. Thanks for looking and PM with any questions or offers!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion on an additional course like Black Diamond! It looks fantastic. Do you know if they allow non-members to play during the summer?
  8. Thanks for the information! I didn’t even think to look on google maps, ha. But that’s good to know because I think I’m leaning more towards Lakewood National anyway. I am interested in playing Ritz because it looks really cool, but the room rates have jumped up in price and are now more than we’re looking to spend on this trip.
  9. My wife and I are heading to the area in early June for about a week where I’m going to play 2-3 times. My wife isn’t planning on playing but enjoys riding in the cart and likes courses with good views, which I know is subjective. I’m already pretty set on making a trip to play Streamsong Red course (the type of views and course I love), but I’m wondering if Lakewood National or Sarasota National has more “scenic views”. I’m also considering University Park but I’ve heard it’s not the most welcoming to non-members. Open to any advice/suggestions/separate discussion links you guys have on these courses or other public courses we should consider. Max I’m looking to spend is $200 unless copperhead or Ritz are a must-try. Thanks!
  10. Sticking with previous models. Current set up: Ping g410 plus 10.5 lofted up with Va nemesys 55s Taylormade M4 3 wood 15 degrees with Fujikura vista pro 65s Next week I’m planning to test a sim max driver with fujikura speeder evo III 569 S and a Mavrik max with diamana zf 50 S and Ventus blue 50 S
  11. I’m interested in the diamana tb if someone just wants the sim2 max head.
  12. That would definitely be ideal! On a side note, in a different thread I saw you mentioned you’re a fan of the speeder evo v and I can’t agree more! That shaft is so good- just smooth and consistent.
  13. That’s understandable about the feel perspective of playing. I never heard the sim max as being unstable until this year, which probably goes to show just how much of an improvement the 2 from a stability standpoint. It’s looking like the next set-up I’m going to try is a mav max with Ventus blue. However, I’ll probably end up trying a sim max or 2 along the way as well.
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