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  1. Did you know if they have the same face as the STG? I was under the assumption they slightly tweaked the face on the G compared to previous Z and X models I’m also wishing more reviews would come out but rightfully so, it seems all the marketing is geared towards their new irons
  2. Also does mizuno not do a trade-in program currently?
  3. Sort of a weird question, but from my understanding the STG that was realized in the Fall had a slightly different face than the previous STZ and STX. I’m wondering if the new STZ/X have the same face as the G because I was getting so much better ball speeds with the G model compared to my Z
  4. I’ve reached the phase where I’ve finally come to the realization it’s not the equipment causing my terrible driving skills. Thus, I’ve decided to take some lessons but am needing a driver for practice. My plan is to get a fitting sometime this summer or Fall so not looking for anything expensive now ($150 max). Head only is fine and would prefer something with 10.5 - 12 degrees of loft. If shafted would like regular or stiff flex. Thanks in advance!
  5. I’ve only seen one on here before but wondering if anyone has one or has the inside, inside scoop on where to find one. Thanks as always!
  6. Thanks for the insight. I’ve been working on increasing my AoA to make it more positive. Sounds like it might be best to wait until the new models come out or even give the previous STZ another go
  7. Also wondering if anyone here has had the chance to compare these two yet
  8. Did you find that it launched and spun too low even with the weights back? Im really considering this driver so just trying to figure out it’s playability for me or waiting for the new STz
  9. Looking for one in the 50 - 60g range in R or S flex and playing length of 44.5 - 45 inches. Thanks!
  10. As the title states- looking for a customs head preferably (all black color way but will consider others) very good or near new condition as well. Could also purchase new if you have a way of getting just the head. Thanks in advance!
  11. The first two pics aren’t loading on my end. What is the loft?
  12. Does any one have an experiencing comparing this to the epic max LS? Mainly referring to more or less fade biased but overall comparison would be appreciated as well.
  13. Just two items for sale/trade today. Considering trades for 2021 drivers with 10 or more degrees of loft. Head only is preferred unless you have a Ventus red 5S to include as well. Willing to separate head and shaft on both clubs. Prices are OBO and shipped to CONUS via PayPal. Feel free to send any questions or offers. 1.) Callaway Epic Max LS 10.5 driver with a pured Aldila Accent Red 60S. Swing weight D8. I purchased this from club champion and have only used it since September. I made some swing changes since purchasing it though so I’m struggling with it at the moment. I can send the build sheet information for those who are interested. Has a golf pride tour velvet align installed and plays at 45 inches. The crown and top line are clean. Face and sole do have some tee marks. Head only $SOLD. Shaft $175. 2.) Ping G425 3 Hybrid with Accra tz6 regular flex hybrid shaft- I have used this for about half a season but not completely loving it. Has some scuffing on the sole from hitting off mats along with some tee marks on the sole. It plays at 40.25inches with black standard Pure Pro grip. Headcover included. Head only $Sold. Shaft $110
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