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  1. Looking for 4-pw or 5-pw. Prefer standard length but let me know what you have. Thanks!
  2. I previously had these posted on Saturday but accidently posted them before the 24-hour rule of closing a previous ad, so it was taken down. Looking to sell two items this evening but may keep whichever one doesn't sell first. Cash is king with only one trade interest as of now (7 wood with stiff flex shaft). Price includes shipping to CONUS via USPS priority and paypal fees . I am willing to ship to Canada but price will need to be adjusted for shipping. Please PM with any questions! 1.) Miura cb1008/mc501 4-pw combo. 4-7 miura cb 1008 and 8-pw miura mc 501. Shafts are KBS $ tape
  3. Graphite design AD IZ, Mizuno heads, and Cobra Forged tec still remaining. Make an offer if you're interested!
  4. First off, I apologize that these pictures are absolutely terrible. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want additional pictures. I will likely use UPS for shipping to CONUS. 1.) Mizuno MP 5 Yoro Craft 4-pw heads: I picked these up off of ebay shortly after it was announced the yoro department would no longer be making them. These are the satin finish in solid used condition with plenty of life left in the grooves. The nine iron does have a small nic on the leading edge. I can remove the lead tap prior to shipping if the buyer would like. I only shafted the 7-iron and PW to try them but de
  5. Aware you're wanting to sell as a set but I'd be interested in the 7 wood if you decide to split
  6. 100% agree about the shafts! If you're willing and there's a buyer for the heads, I'd be interested in the shafts.
  7. I would also throw in a vote for the miura cb 1008. I have combo set with the cb 1008 4-7 and 8-pw of mc 501. Both are just fantastic irons!
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