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  1. My mistake. I was under the impression everyone received them this week who were able to purchase
  2. I don’t believe the limited edition Masters ones were available 2 weeks ago. Most winners weren’t notified until last week that they even won
  3. They must’ve just started delivering these with 2 sets on here already. They are beauties though. Definitely a cool item.
  4. Ideally new, but lightly used will also work. Loft between low 9s - low 10s. Please send pics and prices. Thanks
  5. Looking for something to fit my Odyssey 7S that doesn’t have a manufacturer name on it. Nothing crazy priced like the SWAG headcovers. Even if you have recommendations for cool ones I’ll take that. Thanks
  6. Damn that's a good deal. I discovered the same thing about myself w/ the 14-way bags.
  7. Anyway you can send the armpit to armpit measurement of the Perth? PM is always hit and miss for me.
  8. After dealing with some nerve damage in my neck, I don’t take any chances once the white stuff starts falling.
  9. If you do decide to split the Mizunos, I'd be interested in the 3 wood
  10. There is now visible, sticking snow on the ground. Season’s over, see you in 5 months. 1. Peter Millar, Cutter & Buck package. Perfect condition Summer Comfort blue with thin white stripes polo size Small. Royal blue cashmere and silk sweater size small. Light orange 1/4 zip sweater vest size medium. $50 for everything. Don’t feel like splitting up the items for shipping so either it all goes or nothing I guess. 2. Titleist TS2 16.5 3 wood - EvenFlow T1100 6.5 75g. Picked this up in the middle of the summer and proceeded to use it at the range once. Pictures show condit
  11. Apologies if this was missed somewhere in the post, but would you be interested in splitting the Sim head / shaft? Thanks
  12. Also interested in this. Plenty of good blade headcovers, but I haven't been able to find anything for my new mallet.
  13. I'm right there with you on these. Love the look, and hopefully more of a sneaker feel to them. I love my Flex XPs for walking, but having actual spikes and a little more of a polished look would always work for me.
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