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  1. This one has been sitting in the garage for the last season. Probably only has 10 rounds on it. Included a picture of the original spec sticker. Comes with a 661 Speeder Evo Tour Spec X-Stiff shaft. Very clean head, no marks on the crown. Light tee marks on face. $OLD Shipped. Please note I always separate head and shaft when shipping drivers to eliminate risk of damage during transit. Head will be well packaged. I believe I have the stock headcover somewhere around the house. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. A small golfing social club just opened around me and they have 2 Trackman simulator setups indoors (NE Winters). My group of friends and I are decent, but not scratch golfers. I know the majority of my data after having multiple Trackman sessions at the beginning of the year to get an accurate idea of numbers before the season started. So the simulator on everyone's driver swings was spitting out 4500-6000 spin rates, making it pretty difficult to get accurate readings. I noticed the balls provided didn't have any metal dots on them. Is there anything else that could have been causing issues with the readings? Struck up a good relationship with the owners and we're all around the same age, so want to make sure they're having positive reviews from all of their customers.
  3. If people have requests I can take a look at the New Era flagship store in downtown Buffalo. They've always had Ryder Cup selections when I used to work there.
  4. Interested in the R10 as well, but don't they sell new for $600?
  5. If you decide to split the heads and shafts I could be interested. Those TXs are going to be a tough fit for most
  6. Wanted something similar to the Scotty Cameron Johnny Racer headcover, but they're always sold out and I'd prefer one I could use on multiple brands. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations of companies that making racing inspired headcovers?
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