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  1. I play Srixon Z785’s in standard length (37” 7 iron)
  2. Yesterday I was playing a round and having trouble swinging in to out with driver (every time i purposefully swung in to out the head would hit the ground About six inches behind the ball). On the 18th tee I decided to try something. I choked up about an inch on the club and made the same purposeful in to out swing. And BOOM, what resulted was probably the best drive of my life. So I’ve decided to shorten my driver shaft by an inch and see what happens going forward....my question is, suppose I am right and my driver needs to be shortened to achieve the right length for me, do I need to look i
  3. Thanks for the input everyone! I went by my local golf shop and tried out the Z785’s on the monitor. On feel and forgiveness, which were my concerns on switching, the Srixons were every bit as soft and buttery as the Mizzys and forgiveness was on par if not a little better. The only thing I could tell was the Mizuno’s give you that feel for a fraction longer, which I guess gives merit to their claims. Spin numbers on the 7 iron were consistently between 6200-6400, with an occasional 5800 on a poor strike. For a 32° 7 iron this is perfect for me. The two degrees stronger loft and less spin also
  4. > @mbbrewer said: > You’ll love the 785. Feels better than the mizuno and they’re great for knocking spin down if you’re a high spin player. I do struggle with high spin, and I’m also looking for better turf interaction. What are your thoughts on the VT sole? That’s the main reason I want to try them. Thanks!
  5. Sounds like you went way too light on the shafts for what you’re used to. Since you’ve had experience with Recoils in the past, I would try the 95 or 780 F4 to get some weight back.
  6. Which do you prefer and why? I have the SC’s now, but my inner club junkie is really wanting to try out the Srixons.
  7. > @danman44 said: > .. never tried cobra but the rails have almost got me I watched a video of a guy hitting balls out a divot with them and I almost went on cobras website right then and there
  8. Crooked Hollow is not a good course. Nothing but hard pan and red clay everywhere. If you’re going to drive that far you might as well play Huntington or Northwood.
  9. Huntington and Northwood are probably the best bang for your buck public courses right now if you’re not wanting to join anywhere. Stonebridge is a little pricey for what it is. I like to go down to Alec and play Oak Wing and Links on the Bayou, or El Dorado and play Mystic Creek. If I could play Mystic every week, I would.
  10. I did this for this season as well, and it’s the best golf decision I’ve made in a while. I replaced my 3H with a 5W because I’ve never really gotten along well with hybrids and I hit my 3W better than any other club in my bag. It seems so simple now I’m kicking myself for not doing it years ago.
  11. 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? Like I’m doing nothing, as if I’m not even trying. 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? Trying to figure out if I’m reading the greens wrong or it’s my stroke. 3) What is your handicap? 15
  12. Callaway: Can I copy your homework? Taylormade: Yeah, just change it up a bit so no one notices.
  13. Cally Rogue is a beast, just go on CPO and get a great deal
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