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  1. Hit the TM irons a few rounds and if you don't like them sell/trade them for something you do like, is that a logical opinion/comment?
  2. hit the demo 7i MB today with an Evelvate 105S, not my usual shaft but same weight, i really enjoyed hitting the club felt nice on center strikes & even miss hits (i did a few of those) felt ok also, kudos to Cally for making the MB and X Forged both brushed satin finish, someone in R&D had their thinking cap on. saw the new UT in a 21 degree version as well, most definitely more chunky and fatter sole than the 2018 version, can see the muscle (screw plate thingy) at address, but to my eyes the blade length did look shorter than the 2018 model, could be wrong as i have had the 21
  3. i am going to do this for the coming winter here, we are just entering summer so i have a bit of time to get my act together on this. i game the Apex Pro and while i wasnt displeased with them this past winter my mind was WRXing like mad about this very question as i have 5-AW in CF16 Apex just sitting in the corner collecting dust. i have some XR Pros that i can de-shaft and then i just have to decide on which grip to throw on them, leaning towards Lamkin Z5 as they feel very nice.
  4. when my driver lets me down (more like i let it down by swinging it poorly) and im in the long stuff i dont even dare pull a 4i out the bag, i use my 4H every time, the hybrid is just so easy to use out of rough. ill play opposite to ol' Ric Flair above and say a good graphite shaft promoting higher launch will help get the ball out there a bit easier, there's endless options out there now so im not gonna name names. what shaft do you have in your 3H btw?
  5. thats a rock and a hard place question for me. im a Cally fan boy 100% through & through, but i have seen the Blueprint and like the poster above stated the iron is just beautiful to behold, Ping hit a home-run on that model. from the pre-release pics the new Apex MB does look stunning also, the 18' was a very nice looking iron also. both are great looking clubs.
  6. quite a few of the older gents at my club have XXIO stuff, and word has got round they make good stuff for older guys, one fellow gave my his 5H to hit once, shaft felt like a wet noodle but it went dead straight and long, i was impressed as i wanted to dislike the "weird clubs for grandads with a funny name no one knows how to say". another joker spent $5K (its expensive stuff here) on a full set Driver,3W or 5W, Hybrid, irons the lot maybe even a XXIO bag, says hes playing the best golf hes ever played & money well spent.
  7. you cracked a face?? wow you must really lay it on, nice! what did you replace them with? CF stops at 7i btw.
  8. Going from AMT white down to red seems an odd fit, how did the black go?
  9. The sole on the X Forged irons look nice, as does the MB. The grips look interesting also, are they a new release from GP?
  10. Kiz gaming the new X Forged irons, but still swinging the old Apex UT's, interesting.
  11. is it true what some guys say about the Staff blade about having a slightly longer blade length than say a Titleist MB or Apex MB? not a bad thing, but just curious if this true.
  12. Swapped out blades for shovels... Turn in your WRX members card and exit stage left... Lol I jest. The Wilson Staff blades look absolute magic, so many blades so little time. Hope you enjoy your new clubs, you will have to change your avatar now.
  13. I have my backup set 5-AW with the factory XP95 that I am going to shaft up for next winter as I just would like a little more out of my clubs in the colder wetter months, not saying that the Pros are not great in winter, just looking for an excuse to do a bit of WRXing for the winter lol.
  14. saw the 425 line today, the Max head is larger than the LST one, the new std shaft hasnt got the colour hue dampening effect like the G400 had on the Alta (dont play an Alta but that was kinda cool). most definitely going to have a go with the 425 Max against the BB21 and Mav when i can be bothered going in for a hit. saw the new hybrids, for those that dont like turbulators on the crown will be happy to know they got rid of these on the hybrid, i like them so i put a 410 4H aside until a Tour stiff shaft comes from Ping.
  15. the trusty Happy Gilmore sock?? was thinking that also, may be something super rare and secretive lol. he's gaming X Forged UT's so he gets my vote, wonder why Cally didnt throw him a couple of the new ones to hit?
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