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  1. Playing the G425 LST 10.5 at standard 10.5 loft with sliding weight in neutral. Tensei Raw Orange shaft.
  2. Just picked up the G425 Max having played the G410 plus last two seasons. I didn't own but have hit the G400 Max and found it to feel dull off the face (although the numbers look good). I like the feel of the G425 much better than the G410 as it comes off hot. Also the G425 offers the AV Orange Raw at no extra charge and it is a very good shaft. Good luck.
  3. Just picked up the G425 with AV Orange. Tried them all. Second choice would be the Epic Speed. The ping feels hot off the face and straighter than anything else.
  4. I ordered mine from Costco and am waiting for the shipment. Hope to have a for a weekend round.
  5. Thanks just went on their site and see the demo program. I didn't get numbers as the store was really busy and needed a salesman to set up the Trackman. I did notice great speed in feeling and high ball flight, which I assume will equal distance.
  6. I saw Mark Crossfield hit this on his Youtube channel and wanted to try it out. I was in Roger Dunn and picked up the 9.5 Stiff to check it out. It was super light, super fast and sounded great. Only drawback is the price $695. Anybody hit this? I know it is light but really a fun stick to hit. Gonna keep my eyes out for a sales or demo club.
  7. Looks like Costco selling vibration for $129, is this the same one as Amazon? Also quality/security of carry pouch?
  8. Jury is still out and playing around with settings. My thought was a new version might be same price range and be easier to dial in as the G410 is a bit cumbersome unlike some of the Mizuno and TM's. But do agree if I can dial it in why not keep. Thanks
  9. Just picked up a demo G410 Plus driver with a 90 day return policy. So far I like it but find the adjustments a bit dated. Was told a newer Ping driver is on the way soon. Any inside info is appreciated.
  10. Heard sliding weight system. Hoping for Fall release.
  11. Thanks I was just looking at a Youtube on the TM Original One Driver. I am going to check it out.
  12. Thanks I did try a cut down shaft and gripping down, but not great results. It might be psychological, but the smaller drivers remind me more of the 3 wood.
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