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  1. JB wants a weightshift. Most all of us are to stationary. Cannot move off the right leg unless we get there
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ydwgiUzBlBMhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ydwgiUzBlBM Add Gary Player to list belowhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pyprNJ0TrPk&t=13s
  3. Jersey. Good question. JB emphasis it to “be up” to hit down. In Goto 11:30 in videohttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hX7A913vKy8
  4. All these closed face younger players Are a high risk for injuries by the time they get to my age @57 U watch... Get the right arm in position video link belowhttps://vimeo.com/
  5. JB always told me the key is the shoulders. If the shoulders are not on plane I lift and become armsy. Once u are solid with the coil keep the pressure in shaft in transition.
  6. I try to cover my driver just like my irons and wedges. Its the exact same swing.
  7. @golfer07840 cant help ya bud. Call JB and ask him. I guarantee he’ll improve u from 16 handicap tho. Good luck [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/993/C08SEX1LV2NJ.jpeg[/img]
  8. I think u may be correct. One of the things JB wants from his students is for them to be able to go do it by themselves. I believe he about the only guy of all the teachers Haney, Foley, Harmon, Smith that doesnt run around with a ball and chain on his student filming them whenever they miss a green or hook a shot. Its very evident still in all his players his teaching. I cant tell you who hes working with now, but to his benefit hes had some health issues and I believe hes mid 70s in age. Take notice too Butch Harmon just quit teaching and took a lesson from Gankas for his pull hook. U wont s
  9. I agree. My issue is when I roll up on the rt toe it bends inward and messes up the already sore ligament from the inward tendency. If i hurt it i cannot play or walk for 2-3 days with i e abd ibuprohen. the key for me is to tape the big toe with an ancor pulling the to out away from other toes.
  10. What I have found with JB. The key downsing move priority is to swing ontop of the ball to cover. The rt hip is up and left elbow down. Many leave JB method because they think they need lag Or think its too much OTT . The method doesnt work if u are going to mix fundamentals. For example what teacher tells you to feel ontop of the ball with a high right shoulder? Havent found one in 30 years. JB strikers all “cover” the ball which is an allusive fundamental for many.
  11. Welcome back @golftech I found myself in the same predicament 30 years go. Ballard book is the best out there imo.
  12. I noticed Butch Harmon is now taking lessons from Gankas for his pull hook with irons.
  13. Keeping ur back facing target at start of downswing and letting arms drop is total crap
  14. Speedster has it on his youtube channel DJ Morris
  15. > @connected86 said: > My teenaged son is just getting started with golf. I'm interested in introducing him to JB's ideas. Anyone know of any good instructors for this in the Philadelphia area? I would send tapes directly to JB
  16. hes suppose to b pinching the dime not dumping but hey hes playn the tour we arent . That is about as humanly possibly u can release a club was my first thought for he likes to sling it right > @ggpro said: > > @Ayersjj said: > > > > > > Rocco looks like he's taking a dump lol!
  17. You have to “Dig it out of the dirt” find your own feels and swing within Ballards fundamentals. The above post is from Speedster notes with Jimmy Ballard. I found them as I was looking thru notes on my phone but couldnt find them on this blog anymore. I hope it can help some folks because its all good Ballard stuff. Happy Swinging Ayersjj
  18. SET-UP -Feet with the driver should be atleast shoulder width apart. -The right foot is turned in; the left foot is flared out 45*, but keep the hips square. -A straight back at address promotes a level, less around swing. Drill: put the club behind the ball, then look at your caddy in front of you while taking your stance, then lower the eyes to ball (gets rid of the hunched look)! Weight lifters position for posture. -My a** should feel under me like I holding something heavy. Sticking the butt out kills the legs. -In the grip, both hands oppose each other in a neutral position
  19. Digging it out of the dirt https://golfsciencelab.com/hal-sutton-digging-it-out-of-the-dirt/
  20. Thats 1,300 messages to go back thru and delete. Wow. Oh well. Im too old to remember wth people post anyway. When I got divorced I threw all my videos out of my golf lessons with Jimmy like an idiot. The good news I must have watchd them 1000 times so Im golden w JB lesson stuff at least. Lol.... > @"Puttersaurus Rex" said: > > @Ayersjj said: > > What deletion? Board just had a few name changes during some fiasco I hear. > @"Puttersaurus Rex" said: > > > Glad I copied and pasted a bunch of tips before the great deletion of July 16th. That sucks that something
  21. Thanks for chiming in ggpro Good stuff ?? > @ggpro said: > > @torbill said: > > None of us likes the Abrams look in that hinge drill, for sure. But, is there any video of Abrams actually making a normal, full golf swing that we can examine? After all, we are comparing a static position in which he is illustrating a teaching point versus a comparable Rocco position in an actual swing. I can find numerous videos of Ballard himself, in a teaching moment, that don’t look a whole lot different from that. And I am guessing that Abrams is not nearly so collapsed in an actual gol
  22. What deletion? Board just had a few name changes during some fiasco I hear. > @"Puttersaurus Rex" said: > Glad I copied and pasted a bunch of tips before the great deletion of July 16th. That sucks that something great had to be tarnished. > > Thanks for all of the information!
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