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  1. From what I watched it seemed like Mickelson was talking over everyone in his sunday golf attire. And two golfers being forced to have some type of personality, with alittle fake hype all over the place. The tweet of Barkley as Charlie the chimp was dumb to put on tv in this environment
  2. Congrats on chasing down a dream. One of the cool reasons to love golf you can play the some of the same tracks as the pros and compare yourself. Most of us will never play at yankee stadium or the LA forum, but you can with golf
  3. Seems that everyone that worked with her loves her
  4. Am I the only one that thinks the DP World Tour Championship is a fun name
  5. Just needs to work on his juggling, everything will click once he works his way up to chainsaws. It is so obvious I can't believe I'm the only one that can see it
  6. long distance and reign in the short game. way easier to make a long hitters short game better then a short hitter longer. what is a long hitter anyway? everyone on tour hits it about 300 or more.
  7. How many times did he train with the Navy Seals? He didnt go through buds, he did some helo jumps, some sniper and shoothouse training. I dont think it had any effect. He did go to the same doc as Arod though
  8. Wait.... you know how Rickies life is? Lets hear it?
  9. you are comparing the two? How many majors does Rickie have? You realize that Westwood plays and played most of his golf on the European tour where he is 8th in total wins and golfer of the year 4x's. Maybe you should give it a shot if it's so easy
  10. Lee Westward was number one in the world and that includes the PGA tour, pretty big stage
  11. Whats a LOT lower for Lee? Besides the one year he basically stopped playing and went to 181 he has been no lower then 65. Went to number 1 in the world after that and spent almost 7 years inside the top 10
  12. What? Winning does not correlate to marketing? Then use Palmer with 62 tour wins and Tiger with 82 as examples? And you gave a great reason why there were no Rickie ads, because they're not willing to spend "big" money ads with him
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