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  1. The Memorial has a strong field played on the same course for 45 years, lets make that a major.....BTW the US Open and the PGA had a stronger SOF then the players, no debating that
  2. I like watching sports, watching people talk about sports is meh
  3. Seems like Rodriguez has his priorities right
  4. Its all show to get attention to the company. Johnson will never show for a board meeting, using his name kinda of like someone's son in the political game
  5. He won against Palmer, Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino he would win 14 majors in todays game. He would be a much better Spieth
  6. I dont think anyone posted they hate Cantley, just find him boring....
  7. he is bland, food needs seasoning
  8. hasnt golf always been that way someone has to win
  9. wasnt expecting him to make it, atleast we wont be tortured with Rickie commercials over and over
  10. I think it needs to be positive representation
  11. I want to put a knife in my ears everytime the nationwide commercial plays
  12. Hope not, what sense does it make to start coverage at 7am and have nothing to show, except a round table with Chamblee
  13. Wut? go up a few posts, he said i edited my post 12 hrs ago the same post you responded to 22 hrs ago
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