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  1. How many times did he train with the Navy Seals? He didnt go through buds, he did some helo jumps, some sniper and shoothouse training. I dont think it had any effect. He did go to the same doc as Arod though
  2. Wait.... you know how Rickies life is? Lets hear it?
  3. you are comparing the two? How many majors does Rickie have? You realize that Westwood plays and played most of his golf on the European tour where he is 8th in total wins and golfer of the year 4x's. Maybe you should give it a shot if it's so easy
  4. Lee Westward was number one in the world and that includes the PGA tour, pretty big stage
  5. Whats a LOT lower for Lee? Besides the one year he basically stopped playing and went to 181 he has been no lower then 65. Went to number 1 in the world after that and spent almost 7 years inside the top 10
  6. What? Winning does not correlate to marketing? Then use Palmer with 62 tour wins and Tiger with 82 as examples? And you gave a great reason why there were no Rickie ads, because they're not willing to spend "big" money ads with him
  7. Move up about 100 players from where Rickie is ranked and you will find Westward, not bad for a "B" league player
  8. You doubt that? How many Rickie commercials were there thursday and friday? Usually we're flooded by them..Hard to market some guy that isnt playing the weekends and is ranked 128th
  9. But he has a hot wife and millions....I agree with you missing the Ryder cup, missing the cut at Shriners, ranked 128th has to have him frustrated, if it doesn't he should just leave his shoes on the 18th green and call it a day.
  10. If that's true it might be the number one reason why he is the 125th ranked player and dropping....If you're weathy you can't be frustrated sure that's reality
  11. Sergio has missed alot of big putts. Phil lost a few US Opens missing putts on sundays, Lexi Thompson is 50/50 from 3 feet, Adam Scott is hard to watch putting, Vijay's putting style and putter changed weekly the list can go on and on
  12. Plus 2.5k a week salary or 120k a year is standard for a top rank players caddy. would have made the 450k plus the 125k, is the upside money wise more with Thomas, yeah. Still would take on course announcing
  13. I think his wife is learning how rake bunkers and read putts
  14. I hope the mmmmmmmswoosh during the first tee practice swings lives on I laughed few times. I think both sides over react this isn't the 1980 olympics USA vs USSR
  15. His pay at NBC was 500k a year, will he make that much more humping a bag 6 days a week? He must love being in the mix because on course announcer seems like a sweet gig
  16. In two years who are you replacing Spieth, Thomas and DeChambeau with? I dont see anyone out there filling their spots.
  17. Have to put him somewhere, if he beats Xander badly "if" that will send bolt of energy to the Euro's
  18. Brooks tells his girlfriend, I wish I were you so I can make love to me
  19. When you're a big hitter it comes down to wedge, around the greens, putting and he is no good at any of them
  20. It's just a dumb idea when the player who scored the lowest over the 4 rounds doesn't win the tournament
  21. Azinger is so stiff and unnatural. Its a dumpster fire listening to him trying to find something cool to say
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