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  1. I don't think they are crooks, but just had to delay the release. FWIW they refunded my deposit super quick without issue.
  2. Yeah but you're still only renting features for your $3K hardware. I haven't seen anything about an upgrade path for fully unlocking the Launch Pro, but I would hope they would eventually make that an option.
  3. It's pretty egregious they can't give you all the data points on the unit's LCD. I understand having to pay to see it in the software or play sim golf, but intentionally crippling the hardware functionality and putting it behind a paywall is garbage.
  4. The Eye XO doesn't require special golf balls that's only for the QED.
  5. Per Google translate: "In the pocket cavity Integrated EF / TPU By a go badge Tuning the hitting sound."
  6. The Japanese site mentions an electro forming TPU insert, sounds a lot like elstomer to me. Though it I think it's only in the 7-4.
  7. With the GCQuad, once you have unlocked data and own a course(s) is there an additional subscription? I understand there are periodic paid updates to FSX, but are you required to keep a subscription active for anything else? If an unlocked GC3 is $7000 w/o a subscription, some courses, and additional courses ala cart, you are looking at a 5 year break even vs a BLP + $800/year subscription. My choice would be to try to figure out a means to get 0% financing and purchase an unlocked GC3 vs paying each year for the privilege to barrow the additional features for a device I own. Edit: Or just wait for a "jailbroken" BLP
  8. So the 223 is using a TPU insert in the cavity ala the ping i210, interesting. A forged i210? sign me up.
  9. Yeah I think the most likely scenario would be club head speed only at the base price and pay more to unlock full data. I hope I'm wrong, but based on Foresight's prior business model I don't think I will be. I will say I do think they absolutely have to include club head speed at the base price to entice the more casual market since it's probably the biggest (albeit important) vanity metric in the sport.
  10. It sounds like you're happy with your setup so I'm not sure it matters, but 88-90 mph 7 iron is closing in on PGA tour player averages. Are you really hitting your 7 between 140 - 150? If so it would indicate you are losing distance somewhere given your SS. Here's the trackman averages for reference:
  11. Do you think he swung 10mph faster between shots? I'm looking at the data presented in video. Seeing a jump like that I would think he would call it out. I own a G80 btw so not rooting against Garmin, but some of the numbers do look a little suspect in in the limited sample size from the video.
  12. Yes, but I withhold judgment until one of the well known golf sim reviewers has their go at it. It could be that the r10 wasn't aligned properly or the ball flight was too short. When we start getting some real reviews, I'm sure they will try to make it as apple to apples as they can vs other devices. That said, I just think it's awesome there are more options out there and the space is getting more competitive.
  13. Unless I am missing something the two swings he shows data for have a club head speed of 68 mph and 78 mph respectively. That a huge gap in what looked like similar swings, but both showed the same spin rate. I would image the spin rate would change pretty dramatically with a .1 difference in smash factor, though I could be wrong.
  14. I don't know what you can really take from that review, the guy did say: "Just how accurate is the R10? After extensive testing, I can definitively say that the accuracy is within range of the $2000 “next-level” launch monitors like the SkyTrak and Mevo+, particularly outdoors where the radar technology can really shine. For practical purposes, when it comes to distance, you can assume that the R10 would be off by a few yards at worst. Indoors, however, I find that distance readings can be off by quite a bit." Honestly, if they wanted to do a proper review they would have provided data from the "next-level" systems and the r10 head to head. The vibe I get from that review is that they don't even have the unit in hand and are just using known info to be the first to have "review" out there.
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