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  1. I’ve purchased (3) TSi clubs this year. Driver, 5W and 5H. All have been absolutely phenomenal for me. I think they have a year on the life cycle as the “new” Titleist line. I would recommend without question. Adding those three clubs to the bag this year has changed my game.
  2. I learned a lot during the driver process. I did a lot of research prior to a demo…thought the RDX was gonna be the right fit, and had the Tensei White as a backup. 30-40 balls with the HZRDUS and it was complete dogcrap. I actually left the store. Went back again the next week, threw the Tensei in…and it was a completely different club. Night and day difference with the different shaft. That driver has been absolute NAILS for me…and the reason I went snd bought a TSi2 5 wood AND hybrid. They’re that good. this just arrived for the 5 wood yesterday actually
  3. Which shafts are you testing in these? My TSI2 5 wood changed dramatically when I got the 70 g RDX out… And put in an 83g Diamana. It’s now my favorite club. But that shaft change was BIG for me
  4. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in China, particularly in the manufacturing space. Their ability to near replicate anything is stunning. I’ve been to giant shopping malls where every store has fake walls and behind is every knock off item you could imagine. They have become insanely good at the copy business
  5. I tested the TS before buying my TSi2….it just wasn’t as consistent. The occasional shot that was longer, but the TSi2 just never gave me a “bad” one. Perhaps this is what we would call “forgiveness.” gaming TSi2 for a couple weeks and it’s been absolutely fantastic Ive basically become a total TSi line homer after having a phenomenal experience with a new driver, fairway wood and hybrid now in the bag
  6. I’ll second (maybe third) the TSi2. Picked one up about 2 weeks ago after testing most everything and it’s been absolute nails on the course. the SIM2 Max, STZ, and the Srixon were all really strong contenders i hate Ping shafts, so I didn’t test 425 at all
  7. This thread has me lost down a “what’s inside a driver head” rabbit hole. Thanks.
  8. I carried and struggled with a 3W for years. Finally gave up and bought a 5 wood, delofted a degree and now smash this thing on good shots just a few yards short of the “good ones” with the 3W which were few and far between. One other note, I did learn through the 5W buying process…that I spent 3-4 years owning that 3W with a shaft that was a terrible fit for me. That was likely a huge part of the problem. It was an old club that I likely needed to replace anyway, but part of me has wondered what that experience might have been like had it been fitted with the right shaft in the first place
  9. Am I the only one that read this and thought “of COURSE he’s hitting the Mizuno better. The shaft is shorter and a better FIT for him?”
  10. FYI….this is what the exact same head, with the wrong shaft did for me. Same driver I’m now nailing 54% of fairways and very few big misses with was night and day different with the wrong shaft.
  11. If it’s any help…how many shafts did you hit with it? It wasn’t until my third and final trip in that they finally got me the right shaft. And that changed everything. on trip 2, I went in expecting to walk out with a new driver. And nothing they did could get that club to work.
  12. Being fitted, I had less than 10-12 total shots with anything except the 2. But the experience on the course with it has been phenomenal. As a player who’s not good enough to “work the ball” I’m just trying to stay out of trouble most holes. And this thing flat out delivers. I went in hoping for big help with forgiveness…but the little yardage bump has been a pleasant surprise as well.
  13. I added a new TSi2 5 Wood to the bag this week. Two rounds with it and ive been pretty surprised how often I find myself reaching for it.
  14. Looking for either the HZRDUS RDX or the Tensei White
  15. I’ve been to roughly 5-6 shops at this point and none of them have had the right shaft for me to test out with it. I was at the point of being willing to just buy one to be able to try/test…and even those seem to be difficult to come by.
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