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  1. I've played both the ie irons and the Z585. Looks- would come down to personal preference but for me Z585 Distance - Z585 wins Feel/sound - ie wins Forgiveness - Z585 wins I also tried the ZX5 and found it to be better feeling than the Z585
  2. I was disappointed when I purchased the Z785 you couldn't get a gap wedge. But they offer a 3 iron, hardly anyone uses a 3 iron these days. Same with TM P770, and Wilson won't sell the lh Staff CB irons in the South Pacific either.
  3. Never seem that in OZ or on Ebay.
  4. Virtually identical, looks from address , numbers etc. Wilson had slightly more muted feedback. The biggest variance was the $60 a club price difference. Although much better shaft options from Titleist.
  5. But the issue needs to be considered in a broader context. Whilst I'm a leftie , there are a ton of RH playing partners that would of heard some positive feedback from me about them . So in essence , there is a loss of potential RH sales as well.
  6. Agree totally, never much LH used stuff around here
  7. No it's with Wilson. Even without the gift card importing privately with shipping and import duty is not worth it.
  8. The problem is I have a $500 gift card for the store , so importing from the states is not an option.
  9. I,m used to mfg's not making lh sets, but to make it and just not ship to OZ really p*ssed me off. I was already frustrated at the golf store because they had no l/h P770 or Apex Pro 21 fitting heads either.
  10. I really wanted to go with the new Staff CB irons after trying the demo and even placed an order. But I was left dumbfounded when the shop called back 3 days later to say Wilson won't bring the left handed model to Australia. So Wilson will never get my money in the future and I'll stay loyal to brands that actually look after the lefties. In the end I went T100 which performed just as well but are a little dearer. At least the resale will be miles better.
  11. I played the P770 , excellent clubs. Have tried everything pre 2021 releases and they are still the pick.
  12. When they came out the Callaway Hex Chrome
  13. I have been playing the Pro V1 for a few years , recently tried the Z Star and Tour B XS. The Z star for some reason was shorter off driver by 5-6 meters. The Tour B XS distance was good, felt better and spun slightly more than Pro V. Considering the Tour B is $10 less than the Pro V1 in OZ, a switch is a no brainer.
  14. I've played both side by side and Tour B XS was my preference. A little longer than TP5 and a touch softer.
  15. I had the Z785 and Z585 sets. For what it is the 785 is fairly forgiving, but the 585 is Ping G/SGI level forgiveness
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