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  1. I had the Z585 but did try the ZX5 before going with T100. IMO the ZX5 is a good improvement over the Z585 in terms of sound/feel.
  2. I played the Z785 before moving to T100.I tried to like the ZX7 in testing but found it harder to hit for some reason compared to the Z785. FWIW, I changed to T100 because it handles my miss (thin strikes) better than the Z series irons
  3. Probably missed a few but here goes, in no order Tommy Armour Prosimmon Big Bertha Great Big Bertha Diablo Octane* Optiforce Xhot* Xhot2 816 DD 816 Rogue* Mavrik* Big Bertha 2014 Big Bertha 2014 Alpha TM Burner TM Jetspeed TM M1 TM M2 TM M6 TM M5 Cobra 454* Cobra F6 Cobra F9 Ping G15 Ping K15 Ping G20 Ping G25 Ping G400* Ping G * (Current) Cleveland SL290 Cleveland Classic Mizuno JPX900 Titleist 910 D2 * The favo
  4. Five Driver Ping 3W Mizuno 4 Hybrid Callaway Irons 5-PW Titleist Gap W and putter Cleveland
  5. I too struggled like you with I210 and the Srixon irons , from too much bounce and/or high cog. T100 would fit the criteria you seek
  6. The Srixon seems to struggle with shallow swing path vs the T100. Others claim the same characteristic.
  7. T100, more forgiving particularly if you are shallow through the ball
  8. Didn't get on with the Z785 in the end and moved to T100, very happy with the switch.
  9. Also add the Mizuno ST200 to the list
  10. Your experience is similar to mine. Tried different sets and the Srixon Z785 came out on top. Got on the course and struggled big time. Went to T100 and they are way more forgiving than the Srixon and TM P7MC.
  11. Lots of good options Ping G400 (I find this is best compared to G410 ,G425) Titleist TS2 Callaway Epic Flash or Rogue
  12. I've done it more times than I care to admit with drivers and irons, but never with wedges, fairways and only once with a putter.
  13. Being a lefty sure can be frustrating re equipment
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