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  1. I realize this is a few years old. But would be interested in more of a longer term view of Joe’s fitting. Did the driver stay in the bag? Did it lower scores? Do you still recommend joe? Have you used Joe anymore since then for other clubs? Thanks.
  2. Nice review. So would it be possible for a follow up longer term review post getting your clubs from Joe? Did the fitting lead to better scores? Thanks
  3. Anybody else worked with Joe via a phone call fitting especially for irons? Thanks.
  4. Great feedback! So did you happen to try any of the other Miura offerings such as the tc201? Why did you choose the cb301? Thanks
  5. Sorry for the old thread. I read through it and was impressed with so many good results about @joey3108 fittings. Unfotantley, I cant make it to San Fran for in person fitting. So I would be interested in how the online fittings really work. It would seem to me that fitting over the phone would be challenging. For example how would length be determined? What should be the expected outcome of a good fitting? Should one expect clubs that are just better built and meet targeted specs or would better fitted clubs from a better fitter result in improvement in scores? What I do know is t
  6. Which cb Miura's did you have and which ones did you order? Have you received the new ones yet and had a chance to hit and compare? I also say you game the T100 per your signature. How do the T100 compare to the Miura's? Thanks.
  7. I can ask which Miura's you game? Also, I see your profile pic is PXG. Is PXG your main sticks?
  8. Nike Vr Pro Blades standard loft and lie 3* up lies can easy be bent to your specs brand new tour velvet cord grips s300 shafts Asking $820 Titleist T100 irons 4-GW standard length and lie 1* flat lies Brand new Tour Issue s400 shafts Brand new tour velvet 360 grips Asking $1,300 Fuji Fuji Speeder 757 TR fairway wood shafts. 3 and 5 wood shafts that have been purred note the p sticker on shaft. Shafts play 0.25 inches less than standard length. Price is $199 $125 each or $385 $240 for both. 757 TR fairway wood sha
  9. Anyone else able to compare the t100 and tc201? Thanks
  10. I’m considering trying the x100s again even though my coach and fitter thing it’s for faster swing players.
  11. I play s300/s400 shafts. I tried the 120 Dg x100 shaft in a 7 iron despite my fitter telling me I don’t have the swing speed. I hit the x100 better and further. Not sure why. But my swing coach and fitter said I was crazy for playing the x100 shaft. So I stuck with the s300s. I sometimes regret but giving the x100 more of a try. For reference Driver SS is 105ish.
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