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  1. Would anyone be willing to comment on thier experience with buying irons from Joe Kwok. I would be interested to hear feedback on how the irons performed. There is a lot of great feedback on his wedges via search but less so on irons. Thanks for any insight.
  2. Nice sticks. Did Joe recommend these or did you know you wanted them? Thanks.
  3. Thanks @Hawkeye77 for the feedback. Also, my sincere apologies for posting in several different Kwok threads. I thought I might get in trouble if I started a new tread when several Kwok threads already existed. Furthermore, I thought I would follow up with those that did a fitting and created a thread to discuss their thoughts. Again my bad. Please consider a follow up post if you end up going to see Joe in person for a fitting tune up. Thanks again.
  4. Awesome. Please keep me posted. Good luck.
  5. I realize this is a few years old. But would be interested in more of a longer term view of Joe’s fitting. Did the driver stay in the bag? Did it lower scores? Do you still recommend joe? Have you used Joe anymore since then for other clubs? Thanks.
  6. Nice review. So would it be possible for a follow up longer term review post getting your clubs from Joe? Did the fitting lead to better scores? Thanks
  7. Anybody else worked with Joe via a phone call fitting especially for irons? Thanks.
  8. Great feedback! So did you happen to try any of the other Miura offerings such as the tc201? Why did you choose the cb301? Thanks
  9. Sorry for the old thread. I read through it and was impressed with so many good results about @joey3108 fittings. Unfotantley, I cant make it to San Fran for in person fitting. So I would be interested in how the online fittings really work. It would seem to me that fitting over the phone would be challenging. For example how would length be determined? What should be the expected outcome of a good fitting? Should one expect clubs that are just better built and meet targeted specs or would better fitted clubs from a better fitter result in improvement in scores? What I do know is that my past fittings have not really added any value, granted they haven't been done by high quality fitters such as Joe. For reference, been fitted at Club Champion, a top 100 fitter supposedly, Edwin Watts and everyone's favorite, Golf Galaxy. If there is value to be added from Joe's fitting count me interested. Thanks.
  10. Which cb Miura's did you have and which ones did you order? Have you received the new ones yet and had a chance to hit and compare? I also say you game the T100 per your signature. How do the T100 compare to the Miura's? Thanks.
  11. I can ask which Miura's you game? Also, I see your profile pic is PXG. Is PXG your main sticks?
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