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  1. Ok thanks for the explanation. So how do I make sure I don’t get a 1/2 coke if I’m looking to buy a velocore on the secondary market? Also, if buying without demo, how do you choose between red and blue? Should it be a combo between ball fall trajectory and swing sewed? So if I’m a lower ball flight player and driver swing speed is 106mph should I be looking at the blue shaft? Thanks.
  2. Thanks brother. Please forgive my ignorance but what is a “made for” thanks?
  3. Accra Tz5 M3 65 golf shaft Great Condition Purred by Club Champion note the P sticker Brand new Tour tour velvet grip PXG Adapter Measures just of 43 in played to 44.5 in Conus Asking $215 $205 $190 Nike VR Forged Wedges These were from tour pro Carl Pettersson Raw finish and starting to rust Made by the Oven Shaft is unknown ping assume is A Dynamic Gold Asking $70 $160 for both 55 and 59* 55* has new tour velvet grip Thanks for looking!
  4. For sale PXG Gen 0811X 2 9* driver Head Only Comes with PXG headcover Asking $190 Not interested in trades at this time CONUS Thanks for looking.
  5. Im looking at these shafts. Do you have the velocore? Im leaning red given my 106mph driver swing speed. Thanks.
  6. I really like that idea. Hopefully it warms up soon. Need to get on the golf course ASAP!
  7. Good point. However I’ve never tried Miura irons so I have no idea if they would last in the bag.
  8. I guess what I’m asking is will these irons have a cult like status kinda like the 681s in ten years from now? Will they hold there value and will I have a inch to put them back in play?
  9. Fair points. Thanks. I will say that I think the T100 irons play better, but they aren’t the end all be. I could part with them and be ok. I’ve always been interested in Miura’s and how they really perform vs other irons.
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