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  1. Anyone who checks these out in person, please share your thoughts on the new "premium straps". More info the better, thanks!
  2. Jones is live 40% off, price reflected in Cart. https://www.jonessportsco.com
  3. thanks for the tip, just grabbed a bomber for the hell of it
  4. Yeah, just trying not to bug people in busy times. Realistically I could bag 7-PW anyways (which they sell) and still run an 8 club setup. I'm okay if I have a gap up near 200 vs the 180 down to 140 range
  5. Maybe dumb question, but do you know if they sell heads/irons by singles? Only looking for a half set.
  6. They had a big promo 2-3 weeks ago which would impact it. Better then the current 20%.
  7. I've been seriously considering one as a 9 hole/range bag. They're so tiny in person, but look like they would fit the bill perfect.
  8. Yep, that navy/white/red looks great. Interested to see what the "premium straps" end up being, kind of a lot of peoples drawback to Titleist stand bags. Happy to see StaDry in green/white. Also love the players carbon in navy/redwhite. Stars & Stripes headcovers look good too.
  9. I play Z585 and use the set gap wedge. It’s probably my favourite club in the bag this year. Can hit it high or lower. Usually a full or 3/4 swing club anywhere in the 115-130 club for me. Also use it to chip runners quite effectively. love it. Track one down
  10. AirMax day went ahead last week, SNKRS app still has new things coming. I'm betting they launch. Albeit quietly
  11. Maybe not in Germany, but there should be plenty of them available in the UK which should be pretty easy to get your hands on. Check eBay UK
  12. Full swings, set gap shafted the same Partial swings, pitching etc. Vokey
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