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  1. Looking for double bend Las Vegas 35” preferably w/ standard loft and lie stroke lab or steel shaft is fine
  2. Mint Odyssey Stroke Lab 9 34” and standard loft and lie Has newer superstroke pistol GT 2.0 Includes original grip and headcover $175 obo shipped add $10 west coast Trade interest: Double bend Toulon Las Vegas + $$$
  3. Looking for double Bend Las Vegas Prefer 35”, will listen to offers on other Standard Loft and lie
  4. Looking for Double Bend or single bend mallet Specific models: Scotty 5w // Phantom x5 or Toulon Las Vegas 35" w/ Standard loft and lie
  5. Looking for double bend Las Vegas 35” if it has stroke lab shaft length for normal shaft doesn’t matter standard loft and lie
  6. Close plz
  7. 714 4-PW Heads - $225 obo shipped Std. Loft and lie to my knowledge 4/5 are AP2 // 6-PW are MB Barely played so still in great shape PW has a little bit of browning The rest have a little bit of bag chatter but nothing serious face pics are 4/5, 6-8, 9/P
  8. 714 combo set 4-PW - $250 Shipped OBO 4/5 Ap2 6-P MB +.5" w/ extensions so could be standard if you want to remove extension Standard Loft/Lie to my knowledge Project X 6.0 (4 and 6 missing shaft bands) // Newer NDMC Grips Some bag chatter but only browning is on PW 4 iron needs to be re-glued Only selling because they were my back up set but I got a new set so no longer need, never really used them so they still have a ton of life left Face Pics 4-6 | 7/8 | 9/PW
  9. spk7

    Shaft Epoxy

    Guess I should have clarified but steel, but thanks i will give that a shot
  10. What is the best way to get rid of the shaft epoxy left over after pulling shafts?
  11. Project X LZ 4-PW pulls // Standard length in T100 4 is 6.5/125g // 5-PW 6.0/120g Golf Pride TV360 Grips Basically brand new shafts and grips, only have a few rounds on them Only selling because I bought them under the assumption they were +.5" and they're not $old Would trade for PX rifle 6.0 or DG120 stiff/x-stiff +.5"
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