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  1. I remember the sound from the TS3 being that perfect muted titleist that youre referring too. I fit into the TSI2 so i’m gaming it right now, and I’d agree it isn’t as pleasant as a muted thud as the TS3 but i wouldn’t say it’s high pitched.
  2. I have the best of all worlds! I have a 4 hybrid that replaces my 4 iron, 3 iron for use off the tee, and 5 wood that I use off the tee and off the ground. Don’t carry a 3 wood as the 5 wood is long enough so I’m able to use it a lot more often on the course… The 5 wood rolls out to 250 so if I’m further out than that, odds are i’m not hitting the green lol
  3. Thanks everyone, my ball position is a bit forward of the middle of my stance. I switched up the loft to 3.5° yesterday and felt like I was getting a lot better contact with the putter face and not hitting down on it so much!
  4. For those of you that forward press when putting, what loft do you have on your putter? I started forward pressing recently, almost to the point where i’m locking my left wrist and found it to be a really good trigger and it stabilizes my putting stroke. The issue is, my putter has 2° of loft so I feel like it need to hit up on the ball for it to roll smoothly and not skid into the ground. Going to get it bend to 4° before my round tomorrow but was curious to what everyone else has on there’s!
  5. I dropped the 3 wood for a 5 wood and haven’t looked back!
  6. I have a battle ready brandon with the double bend option and I absolutely love it. I have the 20 gram weights in mine since I play it at 32.5 inches. The headshape is gorgeous at address, thin and flat topline. 1/2 shaft offset is preferred by me and I have it also, has about 5-10 degrees of toe hang. Id say it has a medium firmness to it, it’s more firm than the Yes! Dawn I was using previously but isn’t as firm/clicks as something with a smooth or fly milled face. I was fit into a facebalanced putter but I prefer the anser style headshape and I’ve been pu
  7. The irons and wedges that will be in my dream bag! Congradulations!
  8. Selling my Yes! Dawn putter with a site dot. Actually sold it about a week ago on ebay, but 7 days later the buyer never paid. Specs 71°, 32.5”, 2.75° loft. Superstroke pistol GT tour grip. Comes with cool Yes! headcover. Rare model with site dot alignment aid. If you’re into Yes! putters you know how difficult these are to find. KBS CT tour shaft installed at the KBS experience center in Carlsbad. 8/10 condition just a few minor knicks on the sole but overall in beautiful condition to be famed! Also have the true temper shaft that I bought this with included that plays at 33.5”. $old shipped
  9. First round with the battle ready brandon. Love it so far. Had some 3 putts while getting the distance control dialed but also made a couple nice birdie putts. Ordered from PXG Express on ebay and they I asked for the 20 grams weights which they threw in for free which was nice. It feels, firm, solid, and muted and the neck style fits my stroke perfectly. Super happy with it so far!
  10. First round with the Battle Ready Brandon double bend. Has about 10 degrees of toe hang and i absolutley love it. First experience with a double bend blade and i’m sold, feel like i’m in total control of the face as opposed to it wanting to open/close on its own
  11. Didn’t realize how cheap the BR Brandon’s are rn. I just ordered one up from PXGs ebay seller in excellent condition for $235!
  12. Heavily considering a brandon with a double bend shaft
  13. I’m in the same boat, very tough to find FB anser style putters. the newport 2.7s rarely ever pop up, I think the PXG double bend brandon look great but if i’m going to spend that much I’d want to be able to choose the alignment aid on it! The Ben Hogan BHB02 is slimmer than a square back style putter but a bit thicker than a typical anser. The Ping Anser X 1959 isn’t a bad option to pick up something cheaper while you look for “the one”
  14. How?! Absolute beauty
  15. If you go with the Epons, I’d be interested in the Miuras! Been hunting a nice set of CB57s down
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