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  1. Hoping it’s the CB57s! Have a set of heads in getting built rn!
  2. What’s the toe hang on that neck? Looks sort of like a mid-long flow neck so i’m thinking a little less toe hang than a plumbers neck?
  3. Project X Evenflow Black 85 6.0 Stiff flex shaft. Has a PING adapter that fits the G410/425 fairway model. Will play at 41.5 inches. Has a few minor scratches to the label shown in the last photo. Only cosmetic and does not effect play at all. $old obo
  4. Can’t wait to hear about your experience!
  5. Have a photo at address? Patiently waiting for my Dalehead and yours is gorgeous! May switch my order to this facemilling!
  6. Was planning on jumping on the new T100 but looks like I’ll be waiting until february for the 223s!
  7. Can’t wait to see these! Would love a naked double bend anser model… don’t think i’ll be so lucky lol
  8. Did a PXG hybrid fitting at a local course. Outdoor on mats. Experience was great, fitter was very knowledgeable and ended up with the 0317 gen 2 hybrid with an MMT 80 stiff shaft. Fantastic club, fit my gap perfect
  9. I only play a Ping G410 5 wood and it’s exactly as you described! Longer than driving iron off the tee and great into par 5s and to just advance the ball when you need to. Don’t think i’ll ever go back to a 3 wood!
  10. I’d love to hear more on the iron fitting experience! Thinking of heading over there to get fit for the new T series in the spring
  11. I play the 410 5 wood mainly because of the flatter lie angle option. Love it! The 425 definitley intrigues me
  12. Beauty! What are the specs? Have an order in for a dalehead with a double bend shaft!
  13. I remember the sound from the TS3 being that perfect muted titleist that youre referring too. I fit into the TSI2 so i’m gaming it right now, and I’d agree it isn’t as pleasant as a muted thud as the TS3 but i wouldn’t say it’s high pitched.
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