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  1. Selling this titleist 915 F fairway wood. Really good conditon. Only sole marks and marks on the face from normal use. Has a Diamana S+ 70 gram stuff shaft and fairly new golfpride tour wrap white grip. 42” has a heavier weight installed along with lead tape that I added because I like a heavier feel. SW is D 3.5. Can remove the lead tape if you’d like and also have the stock weight as well. $75 shipped
  2. Looking for a headcover for my incoming g410 5 wood. Interested in aftermarket ping headcovers, seamus, the buck club, sugarloaf, knit headcovers. Or anything else you think is fairly unique and cool!
  3. Back again with this Yes! Dawn. Removed the stock paint fill and planned on filling the cavity and face logo in white but liking no paintfill look for now!
  4. I’m making this switch right now. Rarely use it from the fairway would rather use an iron off the tee if I need a fairway finder. Have a G410 5 wood on the way so the top of my bag will be Driver, 5 wood, 3 iron
  5. That would be awesome! Just picked up a Yes! Dawn with a site dot that I think is going to be my new gamer
  6. I’ve pitted around with one of those at my local golf shop. They feel fantastic!
  7. Great putter. Definitley let us know how the PLD fitting goes!
  8. Just picked up a new putter and going to try out redoing the color scheme to silver and white. I was wondering what /where to buy “dirty white” paintfill similar to what scotty uses on some of his older models? Thank you!
  9. Looking for either a yes! dawn or nicole tour putter, prefer naked or a sight dot and satin finish
  10. Looking for a yes dawn or yes nicole in good to new shape. Prefer sight dot or naked. Let me know thank you!
  11. Yeah I got really lucky with the nicole tour that I found but it was black and I really just want in tour satin without a sightline and it’ll be perfect
  12. Looking for a Yes! dawn or yes nicole your putter! Specifically a silver head with no alignment aid or a sight dot
  13. Yes! I knew they had another one thank you! Now the search begins for a Dawn Tour lol
  14. Wondering what headshapes Yes! offered that we’re Anser 2/Newport 2 shapes. I had a Nicole tour that was similar that I totally regret selling but was wondering if they made any other heads besides the Nicole that we’re that shape as well.
  15. Putter - Scotty MFT pro platinum newport 2
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