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  1. Really like the San diego with the flowneck! Hope they add the silver finish to the toulon garage!
  2. I play the z585 in my 5 iron (6-PW) z785 and the 5 iron is like cheating. Long, launches high and very forgiving. They feel great and look really good at address as well!
  3. I play driver straight to 5 wood then 22° hybrid and 25° 5 iron. I love it for gapping and 5 wood is all i ever need distance wise. If you plan on keeping the 3 wood you should try out a 7 wood. A lot of guys on tour using them and think it could gap well for you
  4. Sign me up! My current gamer is uninspiring but i got something in the works
  5. Easy, PING G410. I’m 100-105 SS as well and have the 5 wood with the stock evenflow black 85 s. Instantly became my favorite club in the bag, off the tee and turf. Easy to launch and the shaft paired with it is a great combo
  6. I’m the exact same! Just give me an anser 2 like this and i’ll be good forever!
  7. Beauty! Just debating if I want a plumbers neck or flow neck!
  8. UPDATE: Ordered the WHP 3 off TGW. Was $118 out the door so not crazy expensive and from the looks of ebay, I’ll be able to resell for around the same amount. Going to get it cut down and throw on a Lamkjn deep etched grip and report back!
  9. MattGolfs

    ZX vs U500?

    Interested in this comparison as well!
  10. I’m on the market for the same. Currently using a z545 set 3 iron. I only use this club for accuracy off the tee. The ZX Utility is at the top of my list! Had a U65 2 iron for a brief period of time but didn’t love the large sole or the shaft I bought it with but it definitley launched high which i liked!
  11. UTX is my #1 favorite grip. Slowly replacing all my grips with them. Hope they keep them in the lineup forever, they’re perfect
  12. Would love to see your flat t if you haven’t posted it! Hard to find good photos of them and i’ve been looking to get a custom done!
  13. Love the RX2 recommendation I’ll definitley keep that one in mind! I really do love the way it looks in photos and don’t like inserts but the white hot insert is great as far as inserts go. I hate flangelines too so the topline is definitely a plus
  14. I’ve talked to David a few times and this whole neck experimenting is with the end goal of David building me a Flat T with a tri-sole in either a flowneck or plumbers! I love his putters!
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