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  1. I’ve used a hair dryer to heat up and move the ferrules. Some of those BB& F ferrules and I guess other elite ones can be $35-40 each. Ouch!
  2. Our club uses pool noodles cut off and put over the bottom of the flagsticks just above the fat end. They come to about 1-2 inches below the top of the cup. A made putt will rest on the noodle and the flagstick making it easy to pick up your ball without touching the flagstick. I think I’ve missed a few putts when the ball is diving into the cup and hits the top of the noodle and spins out. As others have said at least we’re getting to play.
  3. I’ve been PB for years also with different putters. I now have a Spider X and thought I was holding it correctly until I plumbed it against the door frame. The way I was holding it was several degrees off. Thanks for the great tip.
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