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  1. Just these up for sale today, like new. Save yourself $200 and 4+ weeks from ordering directly from Srixon. Nippon Modus 120 Stiff shafts, standard LLL, MCC+4 grips. Price is $SOLD
  2. Just these two up for sale today. Driver plays 45.75 inches & comes with a wrench tool and headcover. I tried to show in pictures, there is a scratch in the white paint right above the hosel. Looking to get $475 shipped OBO! I would really prefer not to split the head and shaft, but I will if I must. Price for head only: $300 Price for shaft only: $210 The SIM Max 3 wood is in pretty mint condition. This comes with an AD-DI7x with the 2020 version of the shaft graphics and a headcover. The shaft is bonded to the club so the price for both is $390 shipped! Here are the 3 wood pictures \
  3. Up for sale today is a very lightly used set of TM's newest irons. I tried to picture the true state of the irons. Besides some minor bag clatter, they are pretty clean! These are standard loft and length and are 1.5 degrees upright. Project x 6.0 shafts. Looking to get $SOLD Please message me with any questions! Picture of the PW face pin 1/16
  4. Up for sale today is a slightly used Fujikura Ventus Red 6x shaft with a Ping driver adapter. Looking to get SOLD No tipping, shaft measures just shy of 44.75 inches. Installed this plays at about 45.5 inches. Paid full retail price for this less than 6 months ago, let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I had a 9* SIM head first and later switched to the 10.5 head, the 9* was producing low-spin bullets for me which the 10.5 has neutralized, but I loved the look sound and feel from the start. My miss is toe/high toe and I swear the twist face helps my missed. I came from an Epic Flash SZ 10.5 and not only is the SIM longer, it's noticeably more forgiving on my misses. I'll be interested to hit the new TSi3 but I doubt it will outperform the SIM in all honesty. If it does though, sign me up.
  6. Plays just a hair over 45 inches, brand new midsize z-cord grip. Standard tipping. Used this shaft for two seasons, few scratches but hardly noticeable. Price is $175 shipped, add $5 west of MS.
  7. Condition is 9.9/10, please see pictures. Price is $310 shipped, add $5 west of MS.
  8. Standard loft & length, 1 degree upright lie. Clubs are in great shape, looking to move them pretty fast so price is $old shipped.
  9. This putter has one round on it, it was an impulse buy. Pictures tell the story. Price is $325 shipped! Add $5 west of MS.
  10. Haven't hit the BF, but the launch wasn't as high as my current gamer the Graphite Design AD DI 6x.
  11. Mitsubishi Diamana RF 60TX with a Taylormade SIM tip. Has a like new Winn Dri-tac sticky grip. Plays to 45 inches, standard tipping. Price is $160 shipped, add $5 west of Mississippi.
  12. Hey guys, few things up for grabs today. Add $5 for shipping if west of Mississippi! 2019 TM P790 4 Iron - $old Tensei CK Pro White 60TX with Titleist adapter - $old Stoke Lab V-Line 34 inch - $120 shipped Scotty Cameron Newport 2 TeI3 w/ custom shop work 35 inch $old This has been hit for one range session and is as close to new as you can get. Has a Project X 6.0 shaft with a GP Z-Grip cord, not the fake TM standard z grip. Standard loft, length and 1 degree upright lie. Tensei Pro White, length is shown. Plays just a hair shorter than 45 inches. Has some minor scratches near the graphics shown in last picture. Scotty Newport 2 TeI3, has seen some custom shop work. Top line & flange line, refinished color to pro platinum? Stamping, etc.. Needs some love but restored it would be worth a pretty penny. Last up is a stoke lab V-Line 34 inch putter, basically brand new.
  13. Just shy of 45 inches, very close. Looks like 44 7/8th.
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