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  1. I love the Masters. My favorite tournament. But the winner bogeying 3 of the last 4 holes to win is a really lame finish. He won. He’s forever a champion. But as a viewer I can be bummed. And I’m bummed.
  2. That’s fine and all, but it was a complete mis-club then. Like I said, it’s a choke job to the nth degree. Matsuyama clearly won the tournament, but a rather dull finish if you ask me. Willy Z was the star of this Masters for sure.
  3. Jesus Christ Xander. I’ve seen some choke jobs in my day but that was ALL TIME. Hitting it in the water on 16 on Sunday on your way to a triple? Give me a break. Really poor Masters to be honest. The course was great but everyone played very so so. Man what a lame finish.
  4. Even number made the field so Knoxy ain’t playing this weekend.
  5. I’ve become a big fan of Zalatoris. Dude is an assassin.
  6. I think Club Champion needs to be careful about who they let call themselves “master” builders considering the complete hack job I just had to deal with in a pretty simple build. I’m not here to roast anyone but let’s just say my recent experience could not have been worse. And it was basic. So yeah, buyer beware.
  7. Club Champion sucks. Just went through a nightmare with them. Stay away.
  8. The US Open at Winged Foot took precision too. This is a different kind of precision. But let’s be perfectly honest; Bryson played like a dog today, and it was very similar to how he played in November. Hitting it 375 doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get close on your second shot.
  9. Could you imagine playing him in a match? This is why I love Jordan Speeth.
  10. If Speeth makes that to get to -2 after what I saw today well then f$&@ me running.
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