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  1. I honestly think it has nothing to do with club, ive just struggled to find a good 3 wood after my speedline broke Try the SLDR 2 hybrid. I play mine at 16.5* and carry it around 260, and much more consistent and easy than a 3 wood due to shorter shaft. I think you'd find similar results as our carry distances are all basically identical
  2. Heads up, Rule #8 "Absolutely no negative comments regarding sellers’ asking prices." My bad, but it can only help him sell. They're like $30 brand new on eBay
  3. Not sure why you think teeing the ball up mitigates the effect. If you had a 20* driver teed up, lie differences would have more of an impact than a 16* driving iron off the turf Higher loft =The more the lie affects face direction
  4. I have a very hard time seeing lines for some reason so have the bigger mallet with a very obvious line helps me so much I had never played Cobra until this year and I think next time I get irons i'm gonna get some fly z + irons Fly-Z+ irons are moneyyyy. So good that they keep releasing the same exact thing. The new King Tour Forged are identical
  5. What's the best way to add weight to these? I added lead tape in long strips and firmly pressed it everywhere and it keeps coming off
  6. Awesome! I run a money league but also those who don't want to play for money are welcomed. You can also put in less money than the rest and we are ok with that as well
  7. Cobra has the most complete lineup to serve anyone and IMO the best
  8. I have heard that Nickent had some ARC blades that had elastomer in the middle, very similar to PXG, back in the early 2000s. Hopefully someone corrects me if I'm wrong. This is cool, I had no idea they existed (you're correct, btw). https://www.thehackersparadise.com/nickent-arc-blade-review/ Would be interesting to see how Bob Parsons would react to people pointing out that his company's revolutionary design isn't revolutionary at all.. just a great example of successful marketing. Cool , sort of vaguely remember them with the green dots. In this case the dots are holes in the clubhe
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