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  1. I saw those this morning on IG. They do look really good. Now I'm really curious to see the CBs.
  2. I like the looks of the 902-PDs. However, I do want to see what the 623 CB irons will look like.
  3. I have a dozen in yellow, but haven't hit them yet. Hoping to this weekend.
  4. I've tried so many different balls this year. It's been fun. One ball brand I have yet to try is Snell. Just ordered the MTB-X, in yellow. Based off of what I like in a ball I think I'll like this one.
  5. To add insult to injury I just got "Hey...you left something in your cart" email from Bushnell.
  6. That's what I get for leaving my desk to talk to accounting. Get back to my desk, "pre-order live"....click on link....pre-order sold out. Sheesh.
  7. As of now I think I’m going to get the Launch Pro with gold license. I like the idea of the fully unlocked gc3. However, considering how fast the personal launch monitor space has changed in the last 2 years I’m curious to see what the next 2-3 brings. It’s a bit of a gamble in that something better will come along n 3-4 years, but I think I’m going to take that bet. It is entirely possible I change my mind and get the gc3 though.
  8. Was at DSG picking up some baseball stuff for one of my boys and walked by the golf ball display. Decided to buy a dozen of the Tour and Tour X balls. They had a buy 2 for 60 deal so I thought I'd buy a dozen of each to see if I prefer one over the other.
  9. For sale is my Flightscope Mevo+ and Autoflex SF505X driver shaft with Tour Edge tip. I bought the Mevo+ during the dad's day promotion earlier this year. I have used it several times and I do like it, but am going to stick with my camera based unit. Everything that came in the box will come with the unit. I did register the E6 Connect license. I was told by E6 that the license is not transferable. I have seen online that it is. However, it's best to plan that the E6 license will not transfer to the new owner. I did "unbind" the E6 license from my iPad. I did use 6 dots, there are 102 left. $1,550 $1,400 shipped, PayPal preferred AutoFlex SF505X Next up is my AutoFlex SF505X driver shaft. The shaft has a Tour Edge tip and Lamkin Sonar+ grip in Midsize. I used a Tour Edge EXS Pro driver with this shaft. I went back and forth between this shaft and a VA Nemesys and have decide to stick with the Nemesys. This is a great shaft and is fun to hit, but I get along with the Nemesys a bit better. The playing length is just under 46". $SOLD shipped, PayPal.
  10. I've been trying a lot of different balls this year. It's been fun experimenting. I keep coming back to the Vice Pro Plus. For the money, I don't know if there is a better ball.
  11. Agreed....you really risk heat soaking the graphite with a heat gun and having it de-lam. A torch will "shock" the epoxy in literally 2-3 seconds of torching which allows for less heat transfer to the graphite.
  12. Bare in mind my observations are anecdotal. I don't have the same shafts in each so that could be some of the observational differences I see as well. Both are exceptional irons.
  13. I own both the Wilson Staff CBs and New Level 902 irons. They are both forgiving, and wonderful to hit, but the CB has a slight edge in forgiveness over the 902, IMHO.
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