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  1. anyone else have an opinion??...
  2. okay..... i only have a touch .... but can heat slowly..... and keep the door open!!!!
  3. Hi all from sunny Sweden I have been taking a trip down memory lane and have bought a set of Mizuno TP-9's and have just bought a set of Ping Eye 2 beryllium irons (very excited)..... the shafts are unsurprisingly pitted to hell. I would love a set of ZZ Lite shafts to put in... but they are thin on the ground!!!!. I have a set of S300's that I want to put in but was concerned about heating up the metal as i was under the impression they were very toxic. Does anyone know if this is the case..... or was just the process of manufacture that was the issue. Many thanks in a
  4. many thanks .... bought some in Biltema today
  5. All... have just moved to Sweden and can't get white spirit anywhere for grip changing..... they only seem to have methylated spirit.... would that work???
  6. I I have bought an old set of TP-9's for a walk down memory lane... but the will need reshafting. And ideas if they are 0.355 taper? Many thanks Mark
  7. I have upgraded from GAPR a couple of weeks ago and love my new club.... I was a bit annoyed that the new club does not come with a head cover... I know its essentially an iron, but the shaft is getting marked already. Has anyone found a neat answer to the cover question.... apart from putting the old tired cover from the GAPR on it.
  8. Hi I need to order a 3 iron shaft... but there is so much information regarding the correct one..... is it a 39" shaft i need???.... some are saying 38.5 and another says 40.5????.... Many thanks in advance
  9. All Is it possible to remove a shaft and keep the ferrule from being destroyed?
  10. brilliant... I suspected this would be the case..... top man
  11. All I have an Oban 07 stiff (04) flex driver shaft that currently has a T/made adaptor on it. I would like to use it in a 3 wood that doesn't have an adaptor..... what tipping would I need to do if any???..... very confused. Thanks in advance
  12. I assume there is a replacement for Taylormade GAPR driving irons..... anyone know what will replace them?
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